Grizzly   |  Model: T26673
120V Dust Collection Remote
Price: $47.95
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Grizzly T26673 - 120V Dust Collection Remote


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Remotely turn your dust collector on and off from a distance of up to 75 feet! Compatible with 110V-120V dust collectors up to 1.5 HP.
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I love this thing. No longer do I make that "one cut" at the miter saw without dust collection. With this thing on my belt it's so convinent to turn DC on and off. Now if only I could automate my blast gates....

Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer
Works great! 12/12/2018

The vacuum system is located outdoors and have not had any troubles activating it from inside the shop.

Anonymous Reviewer
Exactly what I needed 10/29/2018

Dust collector is out of the way. This makes it easier to use

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice product. 10/27/2018

Works great saves having to walk over and turn on dust collector. Just push button when ready to cut and no saw dust flying around. Helps keep workshop much cleaner.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellen Product 8/22/2018

Purchased this for my 120 volt mini lathe works great.

Anonymous Reviewer
Very Happy 8/8/2018

I have had this for a month now and don't know how I ever lived without it. I use this on a 2 HP (really 1.75) HF Dust Collector. It saves the nuisance of having to walk across the garage to turn it on every time I need to us a tool.

Edward V
This is a Great Remote!!! 7/19/2018

I bought this remote because the one I had you almost had to be with in 5 ft. of the plug in order for it to turn on or off. Not this one, I can turn it on from the other side of my shop. It was very easy to set up. I am very happy with this remote.

scotty H

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Richard A

Purchased a month ago. Works as described, what a great addition to my shop. I use my dust collector much more because it is so much more convenient.

William R

Saves a few steps in the polishing room. Any time saved there is valuable.

Works as advertised - very convenient 7/7/2018

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Micely made 6/30/2018

Operates my dust collector as expected. I'm thinking of another one for my floor vac on a different channel.

Joseph R
Good Product 5/31/2018

The unit is easy to use with a great range. Very convenient for any size shop.

Darrel W

Works like a charm
Plug and play, no more burrowing to get to the switch

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Service! 5/3/2018

I bought the 120V version first but with my older Grizzly 1.5 HP dust collector but it popped the breaker on the device. After talking with technical support he determined the motor was over the amp range. So they let me send it back without a restocking fee and I purchased the 240V version and it worked great after I changed it to 240V. (my model could be either 120 or 240V. He took the time to figure out my problem and help me figure out what i needed. Great Service!

Anonymous Reviewer

This seems to be what I was looking for. I'd had a cheap home depot model that barely worked till it didn't work at all.
I don't need the timer. I have it hooked up to my wall-vac and need to activate it from different stations such as the drill press.
The box, which is bigger than I expected, has no way to be fastened down. I attached some heavy duty velcro so it stays put between the vac and power source.
If this continues to work well, it will be worth the investment.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Product 5/2/2018

Very pleased, it has made my dust collection system easier to use. I can turn it on anywhere in my shop.

David S
Perfect for many applications 4/15/2018

Due to multiple back surgeries, it was hard to reach my dust collector switch. I needed a remote control device and this was not only perfect for what I needed, but half of the price on other web sites for the same device. I have continued to buy Grizzly and suggested it to others. Thanks,

Anonymous Reviewer
Very good 4/12/2018

Has worked well allows me to have dust collector outside

Martin H

Works great, absolutely no problems. Replaced an Fox model remote i had for 10 years and this Grizzly unit is more robust - should last as long. I have a small shop and don't need the 2 hour delay switch so only suggestion to make it better would be to revise the electronic time out for at least one delay time of 5 minutes. Offering a second remote wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Brian W

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Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer
Works great 3/26/2018

Works as advertised. Saves having to walk back to dust collector (which is not in a convenient location).

Donald K
The remote works very good. 3/25/2018

The remote works very good. Have had no problems with it. I can now control remote from anywhere in my shop, don't know why I didn't purchase on of these a long time ago. To resolve the issue of placement of the base unit I hung it on the wall with Velcro strips.

Anonymous Reviewer
Dust Collection 3/7/2018

I bought this because my old one broke. I am very happy with this item.

Anonymous Reviewer
Like it alot 3/3/2018

Love it. I've saved time and steps and have been able to keep my focus on the project instead of walking over to turn off the dust collector. I also like the larger remote and the orange color - easier to keep track of, although I just keep in my shop apron pocket and am able to find the on/off buttons without removing it from my apron.

Mark R
good remote 2/7/2018

makes life easier, works well, only wish that the control box had a way to hang it on the wall.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Kaleb C
A must have 2/2/2018

After about a year of getting ready to make a cut only to remember I still need to walk across the shop to the corner to flip on the dust collection, I finally grabbed one of these. One of my favorite purchases! Every time I pull the little remote out of my shop apron and the DC fires up, it makes me the right thing...get your self one of these.

Anonymous Reviewer
Other than having to replace the battery, it has done what it is supposed to. 1/29/2018

The only problem I've had is to replace the battery that came with the remote. Other than that it does what it is supposed to.

Anonymous Reviewer
Works great, reasonable price 1/26/2018

Bought to replace older (different brand) control which had passed away. Does just what I wanted, allow switching my 1 hp roll -around dust collector while at the machine in use. Only shortcoming: I wish it had a tab or similar to allow wall mounting. It sits on the floor, now. Very reasonable price.

Ricky W

Absolutely love it , so easy to set up and use , thumbs up

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice addition to my shop 12/14/2017

The Dust Collection Remote has saved me countless steps.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer
Solid remote 11/8/2017

This was just what I was looking for. It is easy to use (have a couple of young lads, 5 and 8, working with me and they picked it up right away. Bright colored and easy to find.

Anonymous Reviewer
The best solution 11/3/2017

This product allows you to stay at your tool and still be able to turn the dust collector on and off.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer
It works 10/18/2017



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John B

Set up a portable shop in my garage. Great dust collector fir limited space areas

merlin L
Works fine 7/5/2017

Had a more expensive set up. After a few uses, the remote quit working.
This one seems to wok fine. Goes to show you, price does not mean quality.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer

So convenient! does a great job and the bright color makes it easy to find in my little, crowded garage shop

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Control 6/6/2017

This is so handy they should sell it as part of every dust collector

Anonymous Reviewer
Well worth the money! 6/3/2017

Even thought this product is only rated for up to a 1.5hp unit, Iam using it for my 2hp dust collector which runs on 110 volt current. I have had absolutely no problems with it in the months that I've had it and it gets used a lot! Another great product from Giizzly!

Anonymous Reviewer
Not dependable 6/2/2017

It never worked correctly. Perhaps about 50% of the time it with work.

Al W

I am extremely happy with this dust collection remote. For the price you can not beat it. Have had no problems with it whatsoever.

Anonymous Reviewer

Helps with dust collection. Easy to turn collector on and off.

Tim C
Great product 6/1/2017

Bought this about a year ago, works exactly as described.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Joe M
Works Great 5/27/2017

I have been trying to find a remote that would work with my dust collector. Tried several others and had issues. This unit WORKS! Has the range that I need and works every time.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Dwight J
Works Great 1/26/2017

I bought this about a month ago, got it hooked up and it works great. Don't know why I didn't buy it sooner.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Great Product! Works as advertised! 3/21/2016

I have been using this remote start for my dust collector regularly for the last month or so and have been very happy with it. My only complaint is that the remote is kind of large -- which is both good and bad (good for not losing it, but not so good for portability around the shop). The remote is also bright orange which is kind of nice for visibility when hunting for it. It also has a timer feature to shut the dust collector off after 2,4,6, or 8 hours. Doubt I'll use that feature much since the point of the remote for me is to be able to turn it on exactly when I need to use it and then turn it off when I'm done with the task. Even if I wanted to use the timer feature, I think the time scale is just wrong. 5,10,15, or 20 minutes would have been more useful I think (at least for how I work). Overall it does exactly what I wanted it to, so I am happy with it. And the price was right!! Thanks Grizzy!

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