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This 15" Fixed Table Planer with 4-row helical cutterhead features a powerful 3 HP motor and unique fixed table height design which allows for a permanent infeed/outfeed roller table setup. This can significantly boost efficiency in production settings. The 2-speed gearbox allows you to choose between 16 and 28 FPM for a smooth finish or high-production feed rate. The headstock sits atop a sturdy four-column support with easy handwheel height adjustment thanks to the twin gas struts on either side.

Made in and ISO 9001 factory

Certified to CSA & UL standards


  • Motor: 3 HP, 230V, single-phase, 12A
  • Maximum stock width: 15"
  • Maximum stock thickness: 6"
  • Minimum stock thickness: 3/16"
  • Minimum stock length: 6"
  • Maximum cutting depth: 1/8"
  • Cutterhead diameter: 2-5/8"
  • Cutterhead type: 4-row helical, 48 inserts
  • Insert size & type: 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm, 30° indexable carbide
  • Cutterhead speed: 5200 RPM
  • Feed rate: 16 FPM & 28 FPM
  • Table size with extensions: 15" x 49"
  • Dust port size: 4"
  • Footprint: 21" x 18-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 25" W x 49" L x 47-1/2" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 375 lbs.


  • Fixed-height table design allows for permanent infeed/outfeed roller table setup
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table with extension wings
  • Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection
  • Twin gas struts for headstock lifting assist
  • Two feed speeds for rough and finish planing

12 Customer Reviews(4.8 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Very happy - after a fix 01/03/2020 2:45:01 PM

I'm currently thrilled with the planer, but out of the box it had a problem with the feed rollers skipping even when taking a light pass in softwood. Grizzly's tech support was super responsive in helping me diagnose the problem and they sent me a replacement drive chain and sprockets that seem to have solved the issue. That issue is the only thing preventing a five star review. It's five stars now, but after some minor hassle.

Anonymous Reviewer
Extremely pleased 01/03/2020 2:08:43 AM

I have never owned a planer before and did a lot of research before settling on this one. It came in one crate, mostly assembled. The delivery driver even dropped it in my garage. The final destination was the basement, so you will need a strong friend or two, and an appliance dolly with strap. Putty it together was not difficult using the provided instructions. I managed to install the cast iron indeed and outfield tables by myself as well. If there is one thing I would improve it is the placement of the drain hole for the gear box. They do not ship the planer with a full gear box. I called to ask about what kind of oil it came with so as not to mix the oils, and the rep said to drain the oil that was in it and fill with fresh oil. The drain hole is situated such that you cannot get a container underneath it. I wound up making a kind of trough out of cardboard to direct the oil into an old coffee can. With the trough in one hand and the can in the other I managed, but very messy; put some rags or newspaper underneath the unit catch any oops. Filling the it was not very convenient either. I bought a cheap hand pump to transfer the oil where I bought the gear oil. Think of it as filling the differential on a car.

Another setup item is that the cutter head was coated with a lot of oil, and you cannot easily wipe it off with all the little cutter heads. When I turned it on it slung oil up and down the surface of the bed I had just cleaned and waxed. I would recommend putting some newspaper or rags on the bed, end to end, before turning it on for the first time. That way the oil will quickly be flung off and you can throw away the paper.

Once everything was assembled and tested I ran some scrap wood through the unit. It produced a nice finish without any further adjustment. My 1hp dust collector was able to keep up very well on a 10" wide oak board. It seemed very quiet too. I am completely satisfied with the planer and glad I went for a unit with a helical head. It did not matter which way I fed the board, no tear out and very smooth finish.

Anonymous Reviewer
Should have bought one long ago 01/02/2020 3:04:57 AM

So far I have only used it a few times but it works awesome.
Switched from a couple bench tops.
Easy setup, 80% time savings to take rough sawn hardwoods down to size. Super quiet and looks to be extremely well made.
The helix cutter works great, zips right through hard Maple even on the high feed setting.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent Product 12/30/2019 3:12:21 PM

This is my first thickness planer...I've used it for about a month now. Planes perfectly and is east to operate for the most part. I give it 41/2 stars. Pros: planes smooth with little to no snipe or tearout. Handles oak, walnut, ash as well as softer woods with no problems. Very quiet. Cons: Bolts for putting on the infeed/outfeed tables are difficult to access with the bracing too close to the threads to get a wrench in easily (a one time problem however). Depth gauge for planning thickness could be easier to read. Overall, for the time I've used it an excellent machine. Yes, I would recommend it.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/18/2019 1:34:37 PM

No feedback given

Leon B
I am so happy that Grizzly introduced this model! 12/12/2019 3:27:05 AM

I thought I'd use a benchtop planer forever, since the standalone 'real' planers all weighed at least 550 pounds and come as a single unit. But this one is just over 300, so I could manage getting it down the steps into my basement shop with only a little help.
The planer is quiet and runs smoothly and exhibits no stress. Unlike my benchtop machine, which howled and strained, this Grizzly cuts easily with no muss, no fuss. It sounds like I'm
adjusted high and the blades are just skimming the wood, but it comes out with all my pencil marks gone.
I am also surprised how precisely it can be adjusted for a 3hp machine. I filled some holes with epoxy and was able to remove the excess from the surface without making a measurable reduction in the thickness of the board. So this machine brings me heavy duty milling power with no sacrifice in my ability to do fine work.
The dust collection works quite well, better than I expected.
If I could find a quieter dust collector I wouldn't need hearing protection for this machine.
I am anxious to start a new project where I need to mill a whole bunch of full sized lumber!

Anonymous Reviewer
10/27/2019 2:45:27 AM

Used on oak and cherry and so far very pleased. Much better than my DW 735. Be advised this will not work without a dust collector.

John G
Super smooth planing & super quiet 10/21/2019 1:16:48 AM

Wow what an excellent planer, extremely smooth planing, and unbelievably low noise.
I'm super pleased with it.
I drained the oil that was shipped w/ mine (it was somewhat low anyway), & refilled it with high quality synthetic ISO 320 gear oil.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/21/2019 1:15:19 AM

No feedback given

Jeff L
Excellent 09/26/2019 4:53:54 PM

Ordered around May 24th Just Received 9-25 Crated nicely.. I will say this is my best purchase to date..This was an upgrade to My previous 13" bench top planer. I am amazed at the noise level difference the new G0891 much quieter than the Bench top I had..Out of the boards i ran through it last night just absolutely amazing mostly (red oak and cherry).. I am very pleased with this machine and actually look forward to running boards through.. If your on the fence about it take the plunge you will not regret it.. My next Purchase will be the G0656X 8" Jointer The Spiral/Helical Cutterhead is the way to go.. Just my 2 cents worth..

Don S
Can't wait 09/23/2019 5:01:00 PM

Ordered it today (Sept 23 2019), was told it will ship out today! 3-5 business days later is the estimated arrival. That's some pretty quick delivery on such a large freight item. I'll come back to report on the condition and first run.

05/14/2019 5:48:23 PM

As of May 2019 the wait for one of these is about 4 months (September 2019).