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These cutterheads replace the standard straight-knife cutterheads on our Grizzly jointers and planers. Each cutterhead has four spirals with indexable, four-sided carbide inserts that can be rotated four times for a new factory-sharp edge. The 6" and 8" Jointer cutterheads include cast iron pulleys, bearing blocks and mounting studs. All cutterheads include 5 extra inserts, T-handle wrench, Torx® bits and spare insert screws. These Grizzly cutterheads leave an incredible finish and are comparable to the Byrd® cutterheads in quality of cut as well as the quality of the cutterhead itself. The inserts are imported from Germany.

  • 15" cutterhead with 72 inserts


    • Grizzly G1021 series
    • Grizzly G0550
    • Grizzly G0551
    • Grizzly G0453 series
    • Bridgewood BW15P
    • Delta DC380
    • Delta 22/675
    • Delta 22/780
    • Delta 22/785
    • Delta 22-790X
    • Delta 22-790X5
    • General 30-115
    • General 30-125CE
    • Jet JWP-15CS
    • Powermatic 1791209-15
    • Powermatic 1791210-15S
    • Shop Fox W1692
    • Shop Fox W1723
    • Shop Fox W1724
    • Shop Fox W1742
    • Shop Fox W1742S
    • Sunhill CT-38B
    • Sunhill CT-382
    • Woodtek 855266
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    6 Customer Reviews (5 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Glen J
    Great product, but a tough install 03/31/2019 12:36:56 PM

    This was a great upgrade for our Grizzly planer. Huge improvement in the smoothness of planned boards. But, beware, installation is not a trivial undertaking. Removing the old cutter head and installing the new one is not for the faint of heart nor mechanically challenged. Instructions provided are very minimal, dare I say inadequate. Grizzly does provide a YouTube video, but it too lacks many specifics. It took my wife and me the better part of two days to make the upgrade, not two hours! Last, I'm not sure why the spiral cutter head doesn't come as a kit with new bearings and oil seals - I had to order the latter items separately.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/27/2019 3:55:15 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very good product 03/27/2019 2:15:06 PM

    Planes very well. Compared to the old cutter head it much, much less noisy!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    08/04/2017 12:30:05 PM

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    05/24/2017 12:50:32 PM

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    Greta product! 03/15/2016 10:57:18 AM

    I bought this cutter head and glad i did. It cuts through knots and leaves a glassy smooth finish.Set up took a while but be patient, it was worth it. The only warning i have is if you are putting this on an older planer with a 2hp motor it will be lacking a little bit of power when plaining full width panels. No biggie just take smaller cuts!