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Stop putting dust in the air from benchtop sanding operations. This Benchtop Downdraft Table features a 22" wide x 18-1/2" deep work surface, adjustable side curtains, 2-1/2" dust port, no-slip rubber grommets and two side handles for true portability. The work surface measures 7-1/2" above the benchtop and an internal ramp system directs the air flow for efficient dust removal. Great for use with orbital sanders!

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Cliff S
wonderful portable table 07/16/2020 2:56:51 PM

adjustable side baffles allow sanding LONG stock no problemo. stable on the workbench. I got this after sanding a bunch of maple flooring and being smothered in sawdust each day. After hooking it to my dust collection system, I really couldn't feel much air movement, HOWEVER, testing this on maple and pine there was NO sawdust anywhere - it all went 'down the tubes' so to speak.

I like being able to put it away. I like the removable baffles for internal cleaning. There are enough stops to keep different size material confined while sanding. It is well made and reasonably priced...

Anonymous Reviewer
05/07/2020 2:16:12 PM

I have only used this once. It appeared to work well.

Patrick N
Just received / assembled downdraft table 04/04/2018 10:51:12 PM

I just thought I'd mention a few shortcoming while they are fresh on my mind.

1) The instructions say the size panels should be easily raised / lowered but the lengthwise hole / gap (see attached) was not cut in the metal so this is not possible.

2) 1 hole was not properly tapped so I had to do it myself.

3) I'm quite surprised the table did not come with a rubber sleeve of some sort to connect a standard 2.25" OD vacuum hose. The table outlet is 2.5" OD.

I am still pleased with my purchase but I've come to expect more from Grizzly.

Richard W
02/15/2018 12:39:22 PM

A welcome addition to my shop! Cuts way back on problem of fine saw dust in the air.