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Item #: G6091
Model # G6091
These 21° Round Head Bright Framing Nails fit the G6050, H7665, H7943 and Dewalt D51845 framing nailers. 6,000 pc.

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Anonymous Reviewer
01/25/2018 3:00:46 PM

I purchased nails for a Grizzly framing nail gun I was given for Christmas. Now I understand why the nails weren't part of the gift. Pricey! I have yet to use the nails or the gun but have other Grizzly nailing guns that have been excellent, trouble free nailers. I have worked with other Grizzly "spikers" or "the big nailer" as we called them, and they too were essentially trouble free. I have many Gizzly tools and have been pleased with all but one. Grizzly products just keep getting better...and your technical support is great, advisors are always knowledgeable/helpful.

Gerry Reeves