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Item #: H7761
Model # H7761
This Combination Sander is the ideal machine for any finishing and sharpening task. The 2" x 27" belt sander has a 5" long platen and the disc sander features a fully adjustable cast aluminum table with miter gauge. An adjustable work light also makes sanding to the line a breeze. Approximate shipping weight: 31 lbs.


  • Motor: 1/3 HP, 110V, single-phase, 3450 RPM, 2.6 amps
  • Belt size: 2" x 27"
  • Disc size: 6"
  • Two 1-1/2" dust ports
  • Fully adjustable work light
  • Includes one 80-grit belt and disc, miter gauge and small tool tray
  • Reviews

    12 Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/13/2019 3:51:05 PM

    Very nice little sander. I probably should have bought the next size up, but this one works fine and is very good quality. This is my fourth purchase from Grizzly and I am never disappointed.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Decent product for the money 06/11/2018 1:26:03 PM

    The Disc Sander Table needs some re-engineering. The fasteners don't support the use. I added an additional Washer to create more friction
    to keep it stable for use.

    Ryan S
    01/17/2018 11:21:37 AM

    The belt sander works great and does everything I need it to to but it arrived missing one of the rubber feet so fastening it to my bench I had to use washers. It has a terrible vibration since it isnt mounted on all 4 rubber feet. Maybe grizzley will send some replacement feet??

    Anonymous Reviewer
    I handcraft wooden canoe paddles, this is a good little bench top sander for my small parts and work 01/11/2018 4:32:49 PM

    No feedback given

    john L
    12/07/2017 1:37:00 AM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very disappointed 12/04/2017 5:51:23 PM

    The motor is fine but the belt sander and housing is very poor. The belt won't stay seated and the housing interferes with operation of the belt. The disc is adequate but the table attachment is much too small and will not stay level. In order to use the disc I had to prop up the table with a piece of 6 x 6.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/24/2017 12:36:17 PM

    This item was part of package of tools and accessories purchased as gifts for one of my sons college graduation. He's just getting into woodworking and these make great introductory tools for his interests. He's very happy with the quality of tools.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great product 01/27/2017 3:49:49 PM

    Bought this to square pen blanks. I also use it to smooth/even out and or correct mishaps that occur when i use scroll/band saw. Works great for my needs

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/26/2017 5:26:25 PM

    The unit works well. It is noisier that I had expected, but hearing protection takes care of that. For small jobs, as a modeler, it is a fine unit.

    Adam R
    Ok 01/26/2017 1:35:11 PM

    The adjustment knob has to be fine tuned each use. U

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Combo Sander 01/23/2017 5:18:18 PM

    I had a Grizzly combo 1 inch belt and 5 inch disc and was very satisfied with it until the switch started to malfunction. I was used to the belt being on the left side and the disc on the right and am having some trouble adjusting to this new(to me) arrangement. I am right handed and this seems to be left hand oriented. I haven't had a chance to use it a great deal, but think it is constructed a little more durably than the previous one I had. The belt adjustment knobs are easier to use and the flexible light is helpful, though it should be a LED. The previous combo had a small work platform at the base of the belt sander to rest your work on which was very useful. My current one only has a bar which is of little use to me. I have taken it off and will fabricate a work rest platform instead.

    Great Product Not So Great Workmanship 11/04/2015 5:49:17 PM

    I just got this delivered to me and received it in fine condition. I removed everything and started putting the Disc Sanding Table in it's place, but it wouldn't fit. I checked it over and found that when it was made no one de-flashed the edges. I took a picture of the table, but this review doesn't allow pictures. I hand filed the edges and drilled out the bolt areas so it can be tilted. It then went together fine. Now working on the belt sander and checking the tracking I found that the owners manual on page 4 & 15 figure 10 are wrong. They have the tracking knob and the Belt Tensioning knob turned around. They have labeled H as the Tracking Knob when it is really the Belt Tensioning Knob and labeled I as the Belt Tensioning Knob when it is really the Tracking Knob. Just about ruined the belt when following their instructions on Adjusting Sanding Belt tracking. I got everything working correctly now and it seems to be working fine. I expected better from Grizzly than the simple problems I had setting this up, but all in all still happy with the product and will put it to good use in my shop.

    Grizzly CSR11/4/2015

    Thank you for the information regarding the manual. I have forwarded it to our Tech Writing Department so it can be corrected.