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Item #: T27694
Model # T27694
These helical spiral cutterheads feature four spirals and replaceable carbide inserts for providing an incredible finish.

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Anonymous Reviewer
06/15/2018 11:49:17 AM

I am having trouble disassembling the old cutter head from the gear box so I cant evaluate the product Ill try to let you know as soon as I get it running

Anonymous Reviewer
02/28/2018 3:29:38 PM

I'm just getting this cutter head installed. Just by looks alone there is a ton of precision machining that goes into this beast. The head installation is totally and completely a two person job. What would be really helpful is if the powers at hand would include an access screw/port in the side of the gear box so a tool could be installed to remove the screw that threads into the end of this cutter head. Not having to take apart the gear box would be real helpful. I have the G1033 so maybe this has been included in newer models.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/10/2018 9:02:47 PM

I bought this last fall. Unfortunately, it was back ordered for a couple months. Grizzly CS kept me informed of the order status and made sure that I got my order filled aspredicted. The cutter came to me very well packaged and without any damage. Ive read the installation instructions and watched a you tube video on installing it. I will be putting it in next week. I can hardly wait to get busy on a thousand board feet of white oak.
Again, hats off to Grizzly on their excellent customer service