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This 3 Pocket Apron is made of tough ballistic nylon with 2 chest pockets that measure 6" L x 5-3/4" W and 6" L x 2" W.

The waist pocket measures 6-3/4" L x 6-1/4" W.

Overall size is 36" L x 23" W.


14 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Kevin R
05/22/2020 11:32:38 AM

Bought them for my wood shop and had to part with two of them as people loved them because of the quality..

Anonymous Reviewer
03/31/2020 4:51:56 AM

its made of heavy material and will last for ever! very reasonable price too.

Carl V
I like it very much 01/28/2020 6:54:41 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Great purchase 01/10/2020 9:46:21 PM

I bought this a month ago I'm very happy with it

Anonymous Reviewer
10/10/2019 12:45:51 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
01/05/2019 5:58:21 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
10/12/2018 1:24:48 AM

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Barry C
Delighted to have a "real" Grizzly 0833. The apron was ordered with it. 07/27/2018 7:38:57 PM

This is the first Grizzly table saw I have ever owned. We had a Grizzly in the school wood shop when I was a freshman in high school, and I've wanted one for my own ever since. Now, at 66 years old, I finally have one and am not disappointed with how smoothly, precisely and quietly it operates. It was delivered to my property by UPS freight, and because the saw package weighed over 435 lbs I hired a moving company to carry it in from my trailer and place it on the mobile mount; which I STRONGLY (pun intended) recommend you do, too. I had my electrical contractor install a Type 5 120V/20A outlet and convert the 0833P to 120V. The only issue I have with the saw is collection of saw dust when I am using the dado blade; I have to frequently clean out the collection tube internal the saw cabinet. But, oh how I like the dust collection feature! My shop stays MUCH cleaner than ever before. The saw is rugged, precise, elegant, easy and fun to use. I switch from standard 10" cutting blade to dado and back in minutes thanks to the easy access of the detent lock, riving knife retention pin and easy raise and lower gearing. One of the best features of this model - price! I love making furniture, and this saw makes precise cuts with straight, square edges. I intend to pass this saw on to my son or grandson someday - what an heirloom tool it is! Thank you Grizzly, from Central Virginia. Oh, yeah, I wear my apron to keep clean while cutting wood. It reminds me of Mr. MacDonald, my shop teacher back at ACS. Thank you Kage for being the best shop teacher and mentor.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product! 07/25/2018 1:40:32 PM

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Donald H
Great Product 04/12/2018 12:16:21 PM

Great Product - heavy weight, not too many pockets for lathe work and should last a long time

John A
12/02/2017 1:17:50 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
09/16/2017 12:40:29 PM

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Robert H
Great Apron, Short String 01/26/2017 5:37:20 AM

Overall, a good apron, though, the draw string is a bit short.

David L
Awesome 01/25/2017 10:45:38 PM

It's an apron. It fis and keeps stuff off your clothes.