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Never be without the right size bit with this 31-pc. Mega Forstner Bit Set. Starting at 1/4" and going all the way to 2 1/8", this set includes every bit in between in 1/16" increments. Hex shanks fit 3/8" drill chucks and prevent chuck slippage that otherwise leads to scarring and decreased accuracy. Each bit is precision ground and sharpened, clearly size marked and organized in a fitted wooden case.

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Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 08/29/2020 12:14:46 PM

I bought drill bits about a mouth ago. Great bits, sharp work great. Have bits from a competitor, most of the bits are dull in my opinion. These bits go through pine and maple no problem. As far as durability time will tell. Price excellent. A must buy. Thanks Grizzly Tools.


Anonymous Reviewer
07/08/2020 6:20:10 PM

Good quality, good price, nice case. Soon to be put to work.

Anonymous Reviewer
LOVE THESE 05/28/2020 12:35:53 PM

Needed these for a project I was in the middle of. No more buying single sizes as I need them. With the virus going on I wasn't expecting them getting here so fast so I was very happy when they showed up at my door. I used 2 right away and they were plenty sharp for my needs.

gerald L
nice set... 01/01/2020 4:16:18 PM

very nice set for the money. only complete set i know of in 1/16" incroments...

Anonymous Reviewer
12/05/2019 2:05:02 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
07/05/2019 1:53:43 PM

OK these are pretty good the 1 15/16" is a bit of a wrist twister. I do however think overall they are good, need some honing but will last.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/03/2019 2:57:15 PM

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Paul M
Really good value 04/08/2019 12:48:32 PM

Pros: Very good price for the set. I've found having a set of forstner bits in 1/16th extremely useful. They have become by "go to" bits.

Cons: Realize this is not a top-of-the-line set of bits. There are a few manufacturing issues, but nothing that I can't live with.
The main issue I have is with the packaging. The wooden is cheap. the hinges or very lightweight, so be careful with the lid.
The manufacturer should put more foam in the case, particularly over the smaller bits. When I received mine, the smaller bits had come out of their "slots" and were loose in the case ... not good. I put an extra strip of foam in the case to protect mine.

Jerry P
Awesome set of Forstner bits! 01/28/2019 7:12:38 PM

I use the heck out of these. Perfect holes equal perfect projects. I always wait for these sets to come on sale.

Michael Z
Reasonable Fair Value 01/18/2019 4:04:40 PM

Seems to work reasonably well.
Bits are not quite as sharp as I might have expected....some make cleaner shavings than others.
But they do work so far.
Will know more after a few more days of use.
Reasonable value for price

Anonymous Reviewer
01/17/2019 3:23:59 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
01/17/2019 2:22:19 PM

Very nice to have these drilll bits graduated by 1/16" increments! They do the job.

01/16/2019 11:35:56 AM

Pretty solid set of bits to keep around. I can't imagine I'll ever not have the bits I need in the future. I will be buying some higher quality bits for the sizes I find my self using often as these don't leave the best finish.

Anonymous Reviewer
Impressive set of forstner bits 01/10/2019 4:36:07 PM

Bought for me as a Christmas present as I have been wanting one of these sets for a long time,nothing like them to be had in the UK.
Very pleased with them.

Anonymous Reviewer
As advertised 01/06/2019 11:05:52 AM

Needed a specific size for a job, used it and it operated as youd expect a drill bit to operate. Nice to have a complete set.

Dan S
Very good 11/18/2018 12:25:05 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
08/02/2018 11:28:10 AM

I have only tried a couple of the sizes from this set. The two I tried cut great so I expect the same from the other sizes. They look well made and the box is very sturdy.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/08/2018 3:55:19 PM

Have only used 3 of these bits but they sure do cut good and you can't beat the price. I'm sure these will last a long time.

Anonymous Reviewer
Good product better quality than expected. 07/05/2018 3:05:59 PM

Great wood storage box, better than expected quality of Forster bits. I would give this a

Subsurface, I
07/05/2018 1:11:52 PM

Bought 1st set 9 years ago
Accurate holes
Work as well as the high dollar brands
No slip hex shanks
Highly recommended

Anonymous Reviewer
06/29/2018 3:20:44 PM

Bits perform as expected. Wooden carry-case is extremely cheap and shoddy.

Ken J
05/18/2018 11:16:13 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
11/09/2017 2:35:55 PM

A great item at a fantastic price. Not thr Rolls Royce of Forstner bits but not a Prius other. Glad I purchased this. No regrets what-so-ever.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/25/2017 2:59:46 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Nice bits at a great price. 08/23/2017 12:51:31 PM

I haven't had a chance to use all the bits yet, but the ones that I have used work very well. Shipping was fast, I really like the wooden case they come in, and while there may be better forstner bits out there, I doubt you'll find them anywhere near this price. Overall a nice set of bits at a great price.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 08/23/2017 10:35:43 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
06/22/2017 12:29:50 PM

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Rick H
06/05/2017 12:02:34 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Good decision! 06/02/2017 12:55:49 PM

Set is awesome and the 1/16 increments make it worth the money.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/01/2017 8:51:26 PM

I am a home woodworker and have only used 3 or 4 of the bits and they worked great and at a good price.

David B
05/20/2017 12:38:48 PM

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doug B
05/13/2017 2:47:34 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Nice 01/26/2017 1:20:10 PM

I bought this due to the sizes offered. Worked well.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 11:54:31 AM

did not have time to try it too much (2 time) but up to now it is doing the jog
i used it with my battery powered drill and it was easy to drill

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Product and Good Buy 01/26/2017 2:53:06 AM

Excellent Set! Definitely would recommend it, the set has all sizes that I needed.

Anonymous Reviewer
Full set of sharp tools 01/26/2017 12:42:59 AM

Admittedly I have only used twp sizes, but I am happy with the full set rather than buying one bit at a time. The case is very basic but it works. Overall, if you want to have a full set of forstner bits so you have what you need right away, this is worth it

Bryan O
Great product 01/25/2017 10:50:23 PM

I bought this set cause the price was right. What a great set of bits. Highly recommend