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Item #: G8062
Model # G8062
Clamp irregular shaped work with this hardwood hand screw. Fully adjustable, non-marring jaws eliminate the need for pads and speed clamping production. Use two hand screws together for a quick and easy bench vise. Ask any cabinet maker - you can't have too many hand screws!

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Anonymous Reviewer
11/27/2017 2:36:35 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Hard to Find Product 10/05/2017 1:26:40 PM

After my local Harbor Freight stopped carrying this size hand screw I checked Grizzly and sure enough they had them. And at a good price, as Grizzly normally does. I purchased 4 just to have enough for a project and used them pretty promptly after receiving them. I used them to glue up some mortise and tenons in a chair frame that had come loose. After the job had dried overnight I removed the hand screws and found that there were indentions on the clamp jaws. Not severe indentions mind you but at least visible. I noticed no matching indentions on the chair frame (unsure about the wood type on the chair frame). These clamps are foreign made and were obviously made of some foreign 'hard wood' that's not as hard as our American hard wood. While this isn't a deal breaker complaint, and probably one that shouldn't even be mentioned, just wanted to alert potential users in full disclosure. On the other hand, as small as these hand screws are it probably isn't expected that they will experience heavy use. While not superman I did screw them down as tight as my grip would allow, which probably was excessive. Altogether I consider these good clamps for hobby use and recommended for same.

Darlene M
$" hand screw clamp 01/26/2017 3:52:31 PM

bought this for use on my Drill press and it is the perfect size for holding small items which is what I wanted it for.