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Item #: G9830
Model # G9830
These 3-jaw, self-centering Chucks feature semi-steel bodies with plain backs. Each includes two sets of jaws, a wrench and mounting screws. Requires a mounting plate. For those of you who are not familiar with chuck mounting, "plain back"" means that a backing plate is required to mount the chuck to your lathe. Since there are so many different types of spindles on lathes, you would require a back plate that fits your lathe spindle and then mount the chuck to the plate. The mounting bolts go through the back of the plate into the back of the chuck, usually on the edge of the chuck since there is a scroll mechanism for self-centering the jaws.

This top quality chuck has a semi-steel body and comes with two sets of hardened jaws. It is self-centering and has plain backs. Requires mounting plates. Through hole: 1.18".

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Anonymous Reviewer
05/06/2019 11:51:01 AM

Mounted the 5 inch chuck on my 6 inch rotary table. That was the largest chuck I could put on a 6 inch table. Had to make a backing plate which gave me only a 1/2 inch area to bolt on with but it worked great. Very satisfied with the chuck and rotary table.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/06/2017 12:32:44 PM

It is a direct replacement for the chuck that comes with the G0602 lathe. I bought the lathe at the June tent sale and it was missing the standard chuck jaws. This chuck with 2 sets of jaws and the key was less expensive than just the replacement jaws for the lathe. Not sure why

Mounted perfectly and works great.

Chris L
06/01/2017 9:06:00 PM

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