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This Multi-Jaw Bench Vise is extremely versatile for all wood-holding jobs. Jaws rotate 360° for unlimited workpiece positioning and secures flat stock as well as round stock with the built-in pipe jaws. Vise swivels 360° on its base and there's even an anvil face on top. Jaws measure 5" wide with a 5" maximum opening. Includes 5" Aluminum Jaw Caps.

11 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Dennis H
Well made 01/15/2020 11:51:31 AM

I bought this expecting some sloppiness but was very surprised at the precision and quality. Well done!

Thomas A
Quick delivery. Why the aluminum jaw covers? 12/20/2019 6:16:35 AM

Just received vise. Everything in working order. What are the aluminum jaw covers for? Heavy vise, looks good. I dont have high expectations for the price but time will tell. Im a do it your self type person. Will only use for casual weekend work. I believe it will more than satisfy my demands.

Anonymous Reviewer
good for life 04/06/2019 11:07:47 AM

This has been a very good buy, it holds the work and will last a life time

Deryl K
Good quality Vise!! 02/01/2019 1:32:10 PM

Good Vise, Purchasing easy, shipping timely, packaging inadequate or handling by UPS to rough. Hard to say with a 45 lb. hunk of iron in a cardboard box.i only mention this as the bolt that locks jaw rotation was bent and unusable. I contacted Grizzly and they were unable to replace that part. I straightened it and it works but is binding a little. Grizzly contacted me and said they would furnish a gift certificate for future purchases... I have not received the certificate yet?? Photo image of the item that was bent. I would suggest removing before shipping to eliminate protrusion.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product! 01/05/2018 11:01:38 PM

Way better than anticipated for the price. Very solid and smooth working vice.

Stanley C
12/14/2017 1:28:14 PM

It works great and being on sale it was a good buy. Look forward to using it from now on.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/09/2017 4:14:29 PM

excellent customer service . product came broken replaced in two days.

jeffrey M
Great vice !!! 07/01/2017 10:30:59 PM

Really heavy built vice, jaws line up really well, and locks up tight and square. Handles on swivel, and rotating adjustments are a bit cheesy, but work fine. Fixing to order another one soon.......

Anonymous Reviewer
06/01/2017 4:52:37 PM

it was everything I needed & was looking for in a vise. Thanks also for the prompt delivery.

Anonymous Reviewer
Good Vise 05/14/2017 3:39:18 PM

Good quality for an excellent price. Looks similar but is superior to the Harbor Freight version. The Jaws are parallel.

William G
Superior Product 04/08/2017 6:23:35 PM

Before buying this vise I read numerous reviews of rotating head vises meeting the following criteria:
1 Jaw Width: 5"
2 Jaw Opening: 5"
3 Rotating Base
4 Independent Rotating Head Lock
5 Weight 40-50 Lbs.
Note that some rotating head vises do not have independent head locks, these were not considered here because head rotation is only locked by jaw closure. These are clumsy to use in some situations where clamping of the work-piece first is preferred so that it may be easily positioned and repositioned while clamped in the vise jaws.

Vises Considered Include:
Grizzly T27893, 45 Lbs. (The One I purchased, Beefy and Well Made)
Wilton 69999, 45 Lbs. (Looks like the Same Vise, but Costs More elsewhere and is reported not to be as well made.)
Yost 750-E, 42 Lbs. (Comparatively Lean Construction, Street Price $135)
Capri Tools CP10218, 21, Lbs. (Made from Ductile Iron, but Wimpy, and Cost Over Twice as Much)
Capri Tools CP 10519, 40.5, Lbs. (Made form Ductile Iron, Probably has clamping power equivalent to some of the others, but Cost Over Twice as Much)
Yost 750 DI, 63 Lbs. (Made from Ductile Iron, and as the weight suggest, this vise has increased clamping power, but Costs Over Twice as Much)