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Easily form transverse or down-flanged parts with this universal 50" Deluxe Pan & Box Brake. Features adjustable head and bed fingers, micrometer collars on head and bed adjustments for extreme precision, 5/8" minimum reverse bend, 2" maximum depth of sides, and truss rod adjustments for both head and bed. Perfect for shops doing signs, fabrication, HVAC, or architectural sheet metal!


  • Maximum working width: 50"
  • Maximum sheet metal thickness: 16-gauge mild steel at full width
  • Maximum height of pan/box sides: 2"
  • Minimum reverse bend: 5/8"
  • Maximum bending angle: 135°
  • Overall dimensions: 63" W x 44-3/4" H x 38" D
  • Approximate shipping weight: 945 lbs.

5 Customer Reviews (4.4 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Tony A
07/29/2018 12:16:38 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Amazing Bender 02/10/2018 8:00:58 PM

I first saw an add for this machine in a gray color under the JET brand and knew I had to have it right away. Fortunately for me before I ordered it I did some more digging and found this green machine for $800 less with a much closer shipping local. Way cool.

I am not sure who actually designed this, but I would love to say thanks. This is very clever and well designed with great features and adjustable dials and such. I am still exploring all the potentials of this fantastic machine, which is a vast improvement over the old pan break I had been using over the last decade, and still had not changed over the last several decades. I was thrilled to see someone finally made great improvements on a pan break.

I just wish I had seen they have a 59" wide version of this same tool for just $400 more, but now I am stuck.

Jeff E
06/03/2017 8:07:36 PM

Accurate easy to use big time saver repeats well no scrapping

Anonymous Reviewer
very good product 01/25/2017 9:10:49 PM

Really well made more features than described. But all the edges are supper sharp and can damage material easily.

Great concept, sturdy, but currently suffers from a flaw 01/27/2016 4:41:46 PM

My employer bought one of these in the fall. Sturdily built machine, and clever design. Should be able to make high accuracy, consistent bends on a large range of material thicknesses. However, I have noticed a serious flaw. The clamping fingers hang over the clamping bar by about .03". That means you cannot make a bend with an inside radius less than .03 no matter how thin the material is. And when you adjust the setback (radius) for less than .03 + TH (thickness of the metal), you will place a large compressive stress on the sharp leading edge of the clamping fingers. An equal force will be applied to the bearings the bending bar pivots on. This causes the bending bar to deflect, and make a bigger radius than expected.

I notified Grizzly tech support about this issue on 1/13/16, and am waiting for them to come up with corrective action. When this happens, I will adjust my rating.