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Item #: G9298
Model # G9298
High precision, Yuasa type Rotary Table features extra deep coolant channel, dual positive action locks, very low profile, 10 second vernier scale, gear drive with oil immersion and satin chrome dials.


  • Clamping surface flatness (concave): 0.0006"
  • Cylindrical center bore concentricity: 0.0008"
  • Taper center bore concentricity: 0.0008"
  • Surface to base parallelism: 0.0008"
  • Surface to angle face squareness: 0.0004"
  • Surface to center slot squareness: 0.0008"
  • Overall height (horizontal): 3.944"
  • Height to center hole (vertical): 5.985"
  • Table height in horizontal position: 4"
  • Table height in vertical position: 9-1/4"
  • Morse taper: #3
  • T-slot width: 0.465"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 75 lbs.
  • Size: 8"
  • Slots: 4
  • Center Hole: MT #3

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Luis B
03/15/2018 3:58:13 AM

I purchased this rotary table for use on my 9x49 mill. The rotary table was shipped in a very secure box to avoid damage. After filling with oil set up was easy on the mill table. Initially the crank wheel seemed out of round/bent and scraped the zero set indicator as it completed a revolution. After a call to grizzly they helped me figure out how to align the zero marker and the table has performed smoothly and flawlessly. It does need a small amount of break in. The double rotary table locks have proven valuable the performing set ups on an already aligned part. For the money spent-- this rotary table is hard to beat. An improvement would be to either include a set of T-nuts or provide a link to add them to the cart.