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The Grizzly G0786Z 8" x 16" Variable-Speed Lathe is perfect for a sturdy workbench or as a stand-alone unit when mounted on the T26599 Optional Stand.

It features a Fagor X/Z-Axis DRO for cross slide and carriage travel, variable-speed spindle with high/low speed ranges and digital RPM readout, convenient quick-lock tailstock, reverse feed for cutting left-hand threads and a great selection of included standard equipment.

Like all Grizzly lathes, the G0768Z comes with a 1-year warranty that covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G0768Z manual was written by our U.S. based Documentation Department is packed with useful information.

The Grizzly Technical Support team is U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the lathe available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory


  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V, single-phase 10A
  • Swing over bed: 8-1/4"
  • Swing over cross slide: 4-5/8"
  • Swing over saddle: 6-7/8"
  • Distance between centers: 15-3/4"
  • Bed width: 4"
  • Spindle bore: 0.787" (20mm)
  • Spindle type: Intrinsic back plate
  • Spindle taper: MT#3
  • Tailstock taper: MT#2
  • Tailstock quill travel: 2"
  • Cross slide travel: 3"
  • Compound travel: 2-1/8"
  • Spindle speed: Variable, 50–2000 RPM
  • Longitudinal feeds: (2) 0.0037, 0.0068 in./rev.
  • Inch thread range: (15) 9–44 TPI
  • Metric thread range: (12) 0.4–3.0mm
  • Footprint: 10-1/2" x 31-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 36" W x 16" D x 14" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 166 lbs.


  • Magnetically mounted X/Z-Axis DRO with resolution of 0.001"
  • Electronic variable-speed spindle control with digital readout
  • High and low variable spindle speed ranges
  • Chip tray and backsplash guard
  • Thread dial indicator
  • Inch/metric dials
  • Emergency stop button
  • Quick-locking tailstock


  • 4" three-jaw scroll chuck with two sets of jaws
  • 4" four-jaw independent chuck with reversible jaws
  • 6-3/4" faceplate
  • 4-way turret tool post
  • Follow rest
  • Steady rest
  • Tool box with service tools
  • Bottle for oil
  • Replacement fuse
  • MT#2 and MT#3 dead centers

20 Customer Reviews(4.9 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Willie G
07/04/2020 2:51:59 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
05/11/2020 2:48:25 AM

The lathe arrived well crated with no damages. The packing grease cleaned up with no problem items that needed to be installed went together well and the manual of instruction was very well written I am glad that I up graded to the model with the DRO and have all ready found it easy to use. I had a question and referred to the service techs and got an answer and personal were very pleasant to deal with.

David R
Good product 03/21/2020 12:17:08 PM

I'm happy with the purchase, it is good for taking small passes such as .015 at a time not much more.

Kevin W
08/16/2019 10:38:08 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Finally arrived undamaged! 05/26/2019 2:10:41 PM

I ordered this a month ago and finally, after two lathes and four visits fron Saia I have a lathe that works. Now to clean it, prep it, dial it in, and then maybe cut some metal with it. Grizzly customer service was excellent.

Anonymous Reviewer
Love it! 04/18/2019 11:14:26 PM

Great product with lots of capability. This is the only bench-top lathe I'm aware of that comes with a Digital Read Out (a must-have for anyone who prefers to avoid unnecessary frustration). My only complaint is that the DRO skips an extra thousandth of an inch in some spots. This could just be an issue with my specific machine though. Grizzly is also working to solve the issue. Very satisfied with this machine and with Grizzly!

Robert L
Worth the wait 03/20/2019 4:14:34 AM

This is my first major tool purchase from Grizzly. Everything so far has been great. Ordering was easy and the staff folks I have spoken to were very accommodating. They kept me aware of the order status and the shipment took place as promised. It came via UPS Freight and the delivery was flawless. From what I have seen up to this point the fit and finish of the product is excellent. If you are in the market for a machine consider the offerings of Grizzly. It has been a pleasure doing business with them.

Frank N
Perfect size for my small shop, love it. 02/15/2019 1:12:20 AM

First lathe. Have had it for about a month. Took it apart and cleaned it up as recommended, oiled the ways and greased the gears. Installed a QCTP from LMS. Been practicing on brass rod. Already making useful items as gifts. Great machine, so far no issues. Grizzly answered a question I had regarding the DRO vs. dial with a phone call to me which was much appreciated.

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice Lathe 01/07/2019 3:29:59 PM

There was slight damage from shipping, but Grizzly took care of it right away. This is a nice little lathe with big lathe features. I especially like the DRO.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/28/2018 10:27:14 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
The Lathe is everything I was looking for. The size and options were worth the every penny. 07/20/2018 2:20:26 PM

I paid for it to be delivered. But, opted to pick it up in Minnesota, at the shipping warehouse. This worked out GREAT. The weather at the time was stormy. At the warehouse, the shipping company loaded it for me in my van, with a fork lift. The Lathe came packed in a wooden crate on a skid. (Nice job packing) The Bench was also very well packaged. Assembly was easy and Lathe was put to use the next day. We were looking at the mini lathe originally, around $550. But the features and usability of the larger lathe with DRO, was a much better option. I have purchased other Grizzly products in the past and have been Very Satisfied. I alway recommend Grizzly products to friends and others looking for tools.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/20/2018 1:30:56 PM

I was highly pleased with all aspects of the purchase of the Grizzley G0768 lathe. I had a couple of problems initially and Grizzley support was outstanding. All problems were cleared up promptly.

Anonymous Reviewer
Can't live without DRO 01/04/2018 1:12:18 AM

I chose this lathe specifically for the DRO and have no regrets, the measurements are spot on, I was marking up all my pieces until I realized I never used the marks because the measurements were never off, the one criticism I do have is that it always defaults to metric, it needs a way to remember last setting so I don't have to change to imperial every time I turn it on.

Dan J
12/27/2017 4:26:56 PM

Perfect size for my home shop. Made a few parts on it in the first week. DRO is a great feature and this lathe is a great price for the features.
I also received it in less than a week from ordering!

wayne J
12/05/2017 12:02:01 AM

Great machine. Someone finally built the perfect size lathe. Changing out the tool post is a must.

Helmut K
Very nice lathe 11/25/2017 11:18:58 PM

Very nice lathe!!!. Bought this one because of the size/weight for mobility reasons, so that 2 adults can carry it around. Pretty robust for a mini late - and I appreciate the metal gears.

Anonymous Reviewer
Wonderful 11/15/2017 1:52:53 PM

Being recently retire, money is on my mind. This lathe provides what I need and more, at a cost that fits my budget. My friends love it and so do I, and so will you.

Anonymous Reviewer
Love This Machine 11/09/2017 1:46:13 AM

Very happy with my purchase. Wanted to wait until having several hours of hard work on this lathe before writing the review. I'm not a total newby, but not overly experienced either but this machine is much more capable than my skills and will allow me to grow into the hobby. Had a smaller one that didn't have all the features and was disappointed after a couple of years. This one on the other hand is well built, loaded with features and provides the ability to expand and learn. Really nice to have the included four jaw chuck that allows for turning squared off stock. The digital readout is very helpful, tool rest is sturdy, and I don't hesitate to recommend this machine to anyone.

GOOD 10/25/2017 2:18:17 PM


Timothy B
Love it! 09/17/2017 9:23:41 PM

This was a move up from a Harbor Freight mini lathe and was it a huge jump! Very well made and finished out. Calibration setup was spot on. It was even easy to clean up. I have the stand on order for it now and it should complete my upgrade. Well worth the three month wait!