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Item #: H9728
Model # H9728
For our G0613 Swivel Mast Metal-cutting Bandsaw.


  • Length: 82"
  • Width: 3/4"
  • TPI: 6 - 10 VP
  • Gauge: 0.035"

Blade Selection: Selecting the right blade for the cutting task requires knowledge about blade characteristics and cutting priorities (i.e. speed, finish, etc.).

  • Blade Length: Measured by the blade circumference, blade lengths are specific to each bandsaw. They are determined by the wheel diameter and distance between the wheels.
  • Blade Width: Measured from the back of the blade to the tip of the blade tooth (the widest point). Blade width determines the largest and smallest curve that can be cut, and contributes to the accuracy of cutting straight—generally the wider the blade, the straighter it will cut.

    Tooth Set: Two common tooth sets for wood bandsaw blades are alternate and raker. Each type of tooth set removes material in a different manner, leaving cuts with different characteristics.

  • Alternate: An all-purpose arrangement where the teeth are bent evenly left and right of the blade.
  • Raker: Three teeth in a recurring group—one bent left, one bent right, and one that is not bent. The raker set is ideal for most contour cuts.

    Tooth Type: The most common tooth types for wood blades are:

  • Standard (or Raker): Equally spaced teeth set at a “0” rake angle. Recommended for thinner workpieces and general use.
  • Hook (or Claw): Wide gullets (round or flat), equally spaced teeth, positive rake angle, and fast cut with good surface finish.
  • Skip (or Skip Tooth): Wide, flat gullets, a "0" rake angle, equally spaced teeth, and recommended for thick wood cutting.
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    02/08/2018 2:11:22 PM

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    06/03/2017 10:09:08 AM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    I put this blade on my meat saw, it cuts better than ever 06/01/2017 11:49:27 PM

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