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  • Length: 93-1/2"
  • Width: 1/4"
  • Type: Carbon Tool Steel
  • TPI: 10 Raker
  • Gauge: 0.025"

We have many combinations of blade widths and pitch from the smooth cutting raker tooth to the efficient skip tooth and the aggressive hook tooth styles. Top quality saw steel manufactured to precise tolerances and guaranteed welds result in very smooth cutting blades. Blades are sized to fit Grizzly bandsaws as well as many other brands. Just match up the length in the charts with the recommended length for your bandsaw. If you need more information to help match blade cutting characteristics with your particular applications, just call our friendly service technicians.

Blade Selection: Selecting the right blade for the cutting task requires knowledge about blade characteristics and cutting priorities (i.e. speed, finish, etc.).

  • Blade Length: Measured by the blade circumference, blade lengths are specific to each bandsaw. They are determined by the wheel diameter and distance between the wheels.
  • Blade Width: Measured from the back of the blade to the tip of the blade tooth (the widest point). Blade width determines the largest and smallest curve that can be cut, and contributes to the accuracy of cutting straight—generally the wider the blade, the straighter it will cut.

Tooth Set: Two common tooth sets for wood bandsaw blades are alternate and raker. Each type of tooth set removes material in a different manner, leaving cuts with different characteristics.

  • Alternate: An all-purpose arrangement where the teeth are bent evenly left and right of the blade.
  • Raker: Three teeth in a recurring group—one bent left, one bent right, and one that is not bent. The raker set is ideal for most contour cuts.

Tooth Type: The most common tooth types for wood blades are:

  • Standard (or Raker): Equally spaced teeth set at a “0” rake angle. Recommended for thinner workpieces and general use.
  • Hook (or Claw): Wide gullets (round or flat), equally spaced teeth, positive rake angle, and fast cut with good surface finish.
  • Skip (or Skip Tooth): Wide, flat gullets, a "0" rake angle, equally spaced teeth, and recommended for thick wood cutting.

17 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Good product 07/21/2020 5:00:22 PM

I have used this blade several times and it appears to be sufficiently hard and cuts fairly fast...

Wonderful product 01/03/2020 4:26:48 AM

I am very please with the performance of this saw blade and the price I paid was very competitive! I would recommend this product to anyone that needs it!

Anonymous Reviewer
10/30/2019 7:48:01 PM

No feedback given

David M
04/30/2019 8:04:14 PM

Makes good clean cuts and has a very maneuverable turning radius.

Anonymous Reviewer
begining woodworker 01/30/2019 3:43:44 PM

Just bought my GRIZZLY bandsaw and am still learning how to perform different task.

Have broke a couple blades, but all is well. Warehouse is 3 hours from my home, so

the fast delivery is appreciated. Going to a GRIZZLY store is just like Christmas...

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Saw, Best Deal for the Money 01/18/2019 1:51:16 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
11/21/2018 2:40:33 PM

The order shipped quickly and was exactly what the catalog described.

Coy L
09/12/2018 10:43:58 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
very happy 09/06/2018 1:53:09 PM

Great saw for the money, excellent set up instructions and info. Checked all alignment with a digital angle gauge and had to make only very minor adjustments.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great blade!! 06/17/2018 5:21:08 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
good blades 01/25/2018 8:48:36 PM

I have only used one blade but have three others I purchased sometime back and have used them. I am very satisfied with all blades

robert S
11/03/2017 8:15:08 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
09/22/2017 4:19:55 AM

Bought the band saw in April and received it in September after a wait. Grizzly called and asked if I would accept an anniversary edition of the 555 band saw instead of the LX. It is a beautiful version of the same saw and I am quite pleased with how it operates. Smooth as silk, fun to set up and cuts great. Buy this machine. Either model will make you smile. Delivery was a great experience with calls and dropped inside my garage work shop.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/25/2017 1:49:14 PM

No feedback given

Michael S
Outstanding Blades..... 08/04/2017 7:30:27 PM

Superb blades !!! I will continue to order all of my bandsaw blades from Grizzly. Thank you.

Bjorn O
07/09/2017 6:06:17 PM

We like these blades. They give a nice clean cut.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 2:08:40 AM

No feedback given