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Item #: T28110
Model # T28110
The Auto-Adjust Horizontal T-Track Clamp is fitted with a 5/16" T-Bolt that inserts into a standard 5/16" T-Track. This versatile clamp has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, allowing for a wide range of clamping applications. Eliminates the need for constant readjustment and enables the clamp to maintain clamping pressure regardless of material thickness.


  • Adjustable Clamping Pressure: The integrated clamping pressure adjustment screw is used to create a wide range of clamping pressures. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the pressure and counterclockwise to increase it.
  • Versatile 5/16" T-Bolt: Inserts into any standard 5/16" T-Track.
  • Pivoting Base: Armor's pivoting base rotates 360 degrees. Automatically adjusts to variations in work piece dimensions while maintaining clamping pressure.
  • Large Handle: Horizontal handle for maximum grip and comfort.
  • Spindle: Adjusts horizontally and vertically for quick versatile setups.
  • Clamping height 5-1/2", adjustable clamping force 25-150 lb.

3 Customer Reviews (5 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
02/14/2019 1:49:02 PM

Clamps are no good without the table that's been back ordered for weeks.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Product 12/30/2018 1:50:36 PM

Only used them a couple times but find them well made and equal to competitive product.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/23/2018 2:03:42 PM

Before purchasing the t-track version I had owned a couple of the same design but with 3/4" dog bench extensions. Once I learned how to adjust the tension, loosening the screw to increase, I found the clamps work well with flat pieces as well as dowels if teamed with a fence.