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Item #: H8068
Model # H8068
This classic style kit features a solid alder body and maple neck with completed walnut fretboard. The body is pre-carved and can be finished to match your own personal style. The kit includes all hardware and components, and has that time-tested classic look and feel. Basic woodworking skills and tools required. Complete instructions are included.



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D. Welts
Customer Review 01/01/2015 6:16:03 PM

I wanted to share with you a picture of the finished Grizzly guitar kit I received for my birthday this summer. It plays exceptionally well and looks even better. I never assembled a guitar before and your kit was just perfect for learning.

Thanks for making a great product.

B. Carlson
Customer Review 01/01/2015 6:14:28 PM

I have never built a kit guitar before, but recently my wife bought the Telecaster-style Grizzly kit for me for my birthday. It was complete, the parts seemed very well made, and the wood was sealed, which I didn't expect (bonus!). The neck was a tight fit, and the instructions detailed how to mark the holes required for the bridge, and string ferrules for through the body strings. I used a drill press for this, and am very pleased with the results (other than a little chip out, but that's my fault!). The guitar assembled easily over the course of a few evenings, and the only issue I had was getting the intonation set. In the end, I realized I didn't have the neck joint screws tightened enough, and that solved the intonation issue. I've been playing it for about two weeks now, and even though I haven't finished it, the neck is one of the fastest I've ever played. it was dead-straight, right out of the box, didn't have to touch the truss rod at all. The frets are smooth (and this is winter in Texas, with low humidity!), and after a little tweaking, I have absolutely no string buzz anywhere!

I'm VERY pleased with this kit, and will likely build several more Grizzly kits in the future! Thanks Grizzly!

G. Howard
Customer Review 01/01/2015 6:10:13 PM

I have attached pictures of the telecaster style kit I purchased from you and just completed. I hand tooled leather and laced the leather over the solid body you provided. It took over 30 hours just to lace the front and back on. The front design is a Celtic pattern similar to a wood carving from the 1800's I saw in Norway at a ski museum several years ago. The back is a hand carved dragon. I enjoyed the project and the instructions included in the kit were easy to follow. I tuned the guitar per the instructions and it plays and sounds great.
I was very inspired by the beautiful work shown in your catalog. I will be taking the completed guitar to an International Federation of Leather Guild Show to enter into the competition at the end of the month and to show the other leather workers the results of my efforts.

Please pass this on to your President and thank the people in your organization for the fine job you all do.

S. Meredith, MD
Customer Review 01/01/2015 6:08:47 PM

Thanks for a fun project and very good value with the Telecaster type electric guitar I just finished. The wood was accurately milled, and the maple had much tiger stripe figure. The manual is excellent for all level craftsmen, and the wiring and musical setup were straight forward. The nut was a little high, making notes on the first few frets sharp relative to the root and octave, but this is improving as the strings set in. My first lacquer finish was labor intensive but rewarding using Behlen supplies. The sound is very much vintage Fender twang through a variety of amplifiers. I plan to work my way through more of your instruments, mandolin next. Thanks again.

Customer Review 01/01/2015 6:07:12 PM

I have purchased the above products and must tell you how impressed I am with them. I have built several of the Saga kits before purchasing your kits. The product you are producing is so much higher in quality, the Saga kits pale in comparison. The wood is so beautiful and they included parts so superior in every way. The necks are gorgeous. I am thrilled and excited to work on the kits and will follow your catalog for my future purchases.

Thanks and I appreciate your attention to detail and well made products.

S. Kleiner - Soul-to-Soul.com
Customer Review 01/01/2015 6:06:09 PM

I just wanted to share something with you that has brought a big amount of traffic to my personal blog - we purchased one of your Telecaster Guitar Kits for my son for Christmas. After my husband set it up and did all the work, the thing screams! It prompted my husband to order another one and him and my son are thrilled!

The Telecaster Guitar you see on the screen to the right, was made from a kit purchased from Grizzly Industrial. Its price will shock you, as well as the quality. "The Best Bang for the Buck", I have ever found. Now I did modify the kit slightly from the original, but with all parts from Grizzly.

Thank you - the next telecaster kit is in the works.