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Item #: G5330
Model # G5330
Step into the future of hands-free lubrication with the Cobra™ Fluid Dispensing System. This fully adjustable, foot-controlled system holds a pint of lubricating fluid and requires no compressed air or electricity. Perfect for milling, drilling, tapping or cutting, this portable system features a 7-foot supply line, flexible magnetic-base needle dispenser and five replaceable nozzle tips. Toss out that leaky oil can!

Made in the U.S.A


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Anonymous Reviewer
Very useful product 08/22/2019 2:24:03 AM

I've been using this oilier with my lathe. It is easy to position the nozzle to provide oil to the tool. I would prefer a metal needle, as hot chips have melted the plastic needle used to deliver the oil. The foot pump provides an easy means to meter out oil, but be sure to pump out all the air first. One word of caution, do not lift the base unit by the hose, it can be pulled out of it's socket in the base.