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Item #: T1243
Model # T1243
Features 4" of longitudinal and transverse travel with 0.001" increments and 0.1" travel per handwheel revolution, a 7" x 9" table, 7/16" T-slots, 360° rotation with 2-minute increments, and a 90:1 handwheel ratio. This is one handy rotary table! Includes 3 hold down clamps, weight is 64 lb.

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Anonymous Reviewer
02/03/2019 9:17:54 PM

I bought this for my husband about a month ago. I have had 2 problems with this purchase-#1. My husband has been spending too much time in the garage thinking of things that he can do with this add to his lathe. #2 My hbusband has come in with if I had this to add then I could do this, and if you got this also, I could do something else. Too many things offered and guys have to have tools, tools, and more tools!