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Easy and accurate knife changes are a reality because Dispoz-A-Blade® is always the same dimension from the cutting edge to the holder bottom. The Posi-Set Knife Support System automatically sets Dispoz-A-Blade® to the proper height without any adjustment, saving hours of set up time. Consistent weight between knives assures balanced, vibration-free operation.

Dispoz-A-Blade's holder and double edge disposable knife is the dimensional equivalent of the knife you are using now in your machine's cutter head. Various size and types of holders are available which attach to the same high quality Dispoz-A-Blade® knife insert. This holder-knife combination instantly adapts to your machine without any modifications.

First time Start Up System supplies the correct size Posi-Sets, one set of reusable Dispoz-A-Blade® knife holders and one set of double edge HSS Dispoz-A-Blade® knife inserts for your Grizzly machine. All that is required for future knife changes are economical double edge Dispoz-A-Blade® replacement knives.


  • Install knives in seconds. . . not hours. Easy and accurate "drop & lock" knife changes every time.
  • More economical than resharpening. Top quality, straight factory edges cost less than regrinding regular knives.
  • No complicated machine modifications or expensive special cutter heads. Posi-Set® knife supports simply install in each knife pocket replacing cumbersome springs and jigs.
  • Instantly works in all Grizzly machines and others too - optimizes machine performance.
  • Consistent knife quality produces superior finishes with big savings.
  • Affordable industrial quality for both the home craftsman and the large wood products manufacturer.
  • Choose economical HSS knives for most planing jobs or long lasting Cobalt knives for the tougher more abrasive woods.


  • Size: 12"
  • Type: 4 Blade System
  • Fits: 4 blade G9860/ZX

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