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For bare wood surfaces, this fast drying synthetic oil has been formulated to enhance the natural look of wood. The dry film is non-toxic, alcohol resistant and FDA approved for food contact.

16 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Impressive!! 07/22/2020 10:00:49 PM

Glad I read all the comments on techniques. Easy to use if you follow the guides. We used on birch BB counters. One section was finished by a person who didn't know to follow the instructions and it turned out smeary. Will sand off last layer and do again. I like the feel of the cured surface.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/21/2020 10:27:21 AM

This is the finest finish I've ever used. Easy to apt. 2-3 coats and you get a lustrous finish that feels like silk!

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent product 02/05/2020 5:56:16 PM

Very good product, it put a very nice finish on a live edge coffee table box elder slab.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/27/2019 11:58:16 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
05/17/2019 4:24:56 PM

I bought Emmetts good stuff... and took the chance to order it online - as it is not available in Canada. I have been using this product too seal our Parota slab for our table. I look how easy it is to use and love the product in its finished product.

:) Thank you.

Anonymous Reviewer
Easy to use 09/27/2018 10:41:07 AM

After hours of reading reviews on finishing products, and not happy with what Big Box stores had for options, I ordered Good Stuff. Lives up to its name, easy to apply, leaves an amazing clean finish that protects and really pops the beauty of the wood. Ive used on everything from Australian Eucalyptus to Ebony with great results.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/03/2018 4:15:36 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
06/07/2018 1:56:08 PM

This stuff is great! I have used it for years maintaining a maple counter top.

Anonymous Reviewer
Easy to use 12/16/2017 1:55:24 PM

I bought this product after doing some research and it was very easy to use and gave me a great finish for a island top I made out of Cherry wood.

Anonymous Reviewer
You can't beat it!! Great look and protection! 11/05/2017 6:11:29 AM

I've used Good Stuff for years on a variety of table tops and counter tops. The secret is to wipe it on liberally and start wiping it off right away. I do not let it sit on my piece too long or it gets sticky and difficult to wipe off smoothly. If done correctly, the finish is beautiful. I rub down with 400 grit, then 600 grit. I usually put on two or three coats and finish with wax. An outstanding product!!

Michael K
10/21/2017 5:31:20 PM

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Eric C
01/26/2017 1:18:42 PM

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Douglas J
Used this for many years 01/26/2017 3:11:31 AM

I have used Good Stuff for 8 years on my wood kitchen counters.Excellent results

David B
01/26/2017 12:59:43 AM

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Tom M
01/25/2017 11:29:29 PM

It did the job well. I'd tell others about it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 01/25/2017 10:46:02 PM

Cheapest around and fast shipping nothing more to say.