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Grind your own tooling with this Heavy-Duty Tool Grinder. Motor is 1/2 HP, 110V, single-phase, reversible, and 3450 RPM. Also features dual 80-grit silicon-carbide grinding wheels, 0°–45° tilting cast-iron tables, and removable drip trays. Includes interchangeable gravity-feed coolant dispenser with adjustable flow, miter gauge, and flexible-neck work light. Uses 6" Type-50 wheels with 1-1/4" bore. Approximate shipping weight is 98 lbs.

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Anonymous Reviewer
07/24/2020 4:19:38 PM

I am satisfied with this tool grinder. It is a good low cost unit. I did have to do some de-burring and cleanup on the tilt adjustment to get it operating smoothly. Of course new wheels needed to be trued. It works great now for an economical unit. I would recommend it to anyone.

Ron H
07/21/2020 4:27:10 AM

Grinder assembled easily and functions properly, balance is a little out but not enough to reject it. It worked great on several brazed carbide lathe cutters that needed the cutting edge freshened up. With a wheel change it worked great on some tool steel bits that needed shaping and sharpening. Satisfied so far, exactly what I wanted

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellant grinder for the money 05/27/2020 11:35:17 PM

Very nice heavy duty grinder. Solid cast iron construction. Reversable rotation motor with simple rocker switch. Center is off upper tab is clockwise, lower tab is anti clockwise. Comes complete with 80 grit silicon carbide wheels for grinding tungstun carbide tools. wheels can be replaced with diamond grit wheels or leave one silicon wheel for rough grind and a diamond wheel on the other end for finishing .
I only have one minor complaint, The protractor slide for holding tool angles while grinding is a very cheap cast aluminum item which is unsatisfactory. It will not hold position and slips and changes angles as I work. I am looking for a better quality replacement or I will build one if I have to. Too bad the manufacturer did not incluce a protractor of the quality of the rest of the machine.

David L
05/15/2020 5:55:44 PM

Great machine. Be sure to order a wheel dresser with this frinder as the stones are not balanced. Takes a little bit of time to get the tables adjusted but once its set up its as good as a Baldor.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/06/2020 3:43:10 PM

I used one of these grinders in an industrial manufacturing complex for 30 years. Then it closed and went to Mexico. This is a great grinder for my down sized little machine shop. The adjustable table is a time and tool bit saver. I only wish that I had waited 30 days and got the $25.00 shipping package. Could have saved $75.00.

Sean B
Impressive grinder. 05/06/2020 1:19:02 PM

I like the size, mass and quiet operation. Trays are cast iron not plastic as expected. Wheels are of lower quality but the grinder will do very nicely for the price. Have a diamond wheel on the way. Get one.

Todd C
01/30/2020 12:25:59 PM

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Ron B
Depending on your expectations, this machine is a great buy 01/14/2020 11:17:53 AM

Decent grinder for the money. If you have done your research, all the things that you should look for before using is true. Paint is heavy in areas, castings are rough and scaly in areas, holes not deburred, etc. All in areas that you have to fix, file, sand and reassemble to make a smooth operating grinder.

The stock wheels do run out a bit. If you replace with a good quality diamond wheel, you will need 4 countersink head bolts to fasten.

The miter gauge is particularly in need of attention, all three pins in the small slide bar will need delicately welded in place. The peening job on these areas is not sufficient.

I purchased a diamond wheel right away, although very expensive is miles superior to the bonded wheels.

All in all, I knew what I was buying and after the TLC I gave it, I am very satisfied with this machine.

I wouldnt recommend for everyday shop type use, but for me sharpening stump grinding teeth periodically, it works perfectly.

doyle W
05/29/2019 2:27:28 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
12/28/2018 2:44:13 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
08/04/2018 1:11:33 AM

I received this grinder in good condition, and it works well, the green wheels that come with it need to be trued with a diamond dresser, if you don't, the grinder will vibrate, the wheels are very out of round. I ordered a diamond cup wheel for one side of the grinder from shars for $81.90 shipped and have used it to sharpen my carbide lathe bits. The screws to attach the diamond wheel are different and you will need to source them at a hardware store, my local ACE had them, they are metric, I don't remember the size though. The grinder is a good value compared to the cost of a baldor, I am going to purchase another one and install white aluminum wheels for sharpening High speed steel. Overall happy with my purchase. Also, Grizzly should offer a diamond dresser fixture for this grinder, I had to make my own, People who own other brands would also purchase the diamond dresser fixture to true up their wheels. Just a suggestion.