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Whether you're lubricating cutting tools or maintaining machinery in top operating condition, you'll appreciate this High Pressure Oil Can. Holds 5 ounces of oil and has a trigger activated, high pressure pump. Colors may vary.

15 Customer Reviews (4.5 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

larry K
05/15/2020 1:05:24 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
05/30/2019 11:46:37 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
11/18/2018 5:03:58 AM

Had problems with my first one losing prime, so this time purchased two and am using one. Works great, no priming problems. Keeping the second one in reserve because they are quite handy.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/05/2018 3:15:01 PM

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Gary A
03/07/2018 9:15:44 PM

I've had this oil can for about a month now and it will not stop dripping. It's only about a drop per day. I've tried backing off on the philips screw after use thinking that might release the pressure, but no.

Greg P
12/28/2017 6:46:50 PM

Decent product for the price, however, one of the Cans came with a broken nozzle. Just took some glue to fix. Can not beat for $4!

James L
Works Well 12/14/2017 11:53:34 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent 09/24/2017 2:57:38 AM

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Gerrit V
09/20/2017 10:43:57 PM

A handy oil can but use caution if the oil passage you are filling is clogged up. Start with a bit of pressure and work up as needed. Too much pressure and there is a small leak above the nozzle. Otherwise very handy with the flex spout.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/01/2017 10:45:30 PM

This oiler was recommended for the lathe I purchased. The ball checks plug this oiler with the oil squirting out of the back. I have a low pressure oiler with a brass tip that works very well.

Shannon S
06/11/2017 9:30:50 PM

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Robert P
06/03/2017 4:48:31 PM

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Jud S
This does what it is supposed to and that is have the power to force iso 35 into ball oilers. 05/04/2017 7:27:29 AM

Went around the machine with brand new ball oilers and it forced the oil in there no problem. Machine is new also so it isn't because the bearings are old.

Anonymous Reviewer
Built well 01/28/2017 6:13:40 PM

This is a nice oil can. It seems to be built well and operates as expected for an oil can. I haven't used it very much so we will see what time brings.

Don L
01/26/2017 3:04:17 AM

It is the recommended oiler tip for the lead screw oilers on the lathe recently purchased. It seems though that the ball on the oil inlet blocks the oil from getting in. I don't know how effective it really is.