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Metalworking - Doing It Better is an invaluable guide to both novice and veteran metalworkers. In particular, it is aimed toward both those who work in small shops and those who are enthusiasts developing projects in their garage, yard, or basement. This book covers hundreds of shop-tested techniques and features hundreds of 4-color photographs throughout the detailed texts about a wide range of topic, and includes extensive guidance for setting up your workshop. 344 pages.

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Anonymous Reviewer
Informative read. 07/03/2018 6:09:26 AM

There is a lot of information in this book. Stuff that you won't find in textbooks and shop training books. It can meander occasionally but that is part of its charm. Its a bit like being an apprentice in a shop. The information comes you in way similar to how you'd get as you encounter challenges in your assignments and the training from a shop foreman.