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Item #: T25100
Model # T25100
Powder coating is more durable than paint and provides better coverage; unlike paint, powder coating provides 80% minimum transfer efficiency and easy clean-up. Requires 10/30 PSI air pressure and uses a 1/4" NPT air inlet. Includes application gun, power unit, 8' lead with ground clamp, foot controlled activation switch, high voltage gun power lead, and disposable moisture separator.

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Anonymous Reviewer
Nice setup! Works great! 08/14/2017 6:01:56 AM

No feedback given

Dwight W
06/03/2017 7:28:30 AM

I haven't used it yet, but it will solve a problem for me in protecting fine machinery from the elements, soon, in the future.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great coater 01/26/2017 2:15:11 PM

I bought this machine and it works great. Problem is they can't provide extra powder cups. You get 2 powder cups with the machine but when you try to order more so you can store powders in them for quick color changes they tell you on back order. There for you must clean cups each time you want to change powders. Gun works great, lays out good even powder just not good when changing colors a lot. Last thing you can buy similar cups already filled with color, don't make the mistake i did. I bought several of these. They don't fit the Grizzly powder coating gun. they look like they would but they don't.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Machine 01/26/2017 12:14:43 PM

Great machine especially since I am just starting out. No problems at all!

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 12:40:41 AM

Bought as a Christmas gift, took a few times to get use to it but it's a great product.