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Item #: T21993
Model # T21993
Perfect for lathes, table saws, bandsaws and other woodworking tools. Smooth running with less vibration than solid belts. Power Twist® V-Belts can be customized in minutes to any size—just add or remove sections to fit your needs. Carry a Power Twist® V-Belt in your vehicle for a fixanywhere solution to broken fan belts.
  • Type: B
  • Size: 5/8" x 2 M

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Anonymous Reviewer
06/03/2017 1:31:32 AM

This belt proved to be too wide for the Grizzly milling machine I own. I'll try it
for fit on my 13x40 lathe. These segmented belts always run quieter and more smoothly
than standard solid belts, regardless of size.