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Have you ever tries to swing a claw hammer or pull a nail in a restricted space and the end of the handle gets in the way? This Stubby Hammer with hickory handle measures only 6-3/4" long and the 8 oz. head delivers enough mass even with reduced leverage. This may not be your go-to hammer, but nothing can tough it in a tight pinch.

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Anonymous Reviewer
02/28/2019 1:38:13 PM

There are not exactly a lot of merchants offering a shorter-handled hammer, suited to a woman's hand. All m life, I have wielded a normal hammer, and was ridiculed for choking up on the handle, which I knew was necessary, since my wrists are tiny. Now, at the age of 71, I was given a tool carrier bag, and found very little space for a usual hammer, so I hunted down this little beauty, and it fit just fine-- in the hand, and the bag.