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This book is the most comprehensive and detailed discourse on the subject of rifle barrel chambering and fitting to date. It contains: 304 total 8 1/2 x 11" size pages 146 AutoCAD instructional illustrations. Each individual step is fully illustrated with one to four detailed AutoCAD drawings. All steps explained in detailed text. Twenty (20) AutoCAD drawings for making jigs and tools. Thirty five (35) pages of text and fifty one (51) illustrations dedicated to action blueprinting. All major aspects of a custom barrel-fitting job are covered; threading, chambering, head spacing, crowning, etc. The August, 2003 revision added 104 additional pages, 49 new illustrations and 55 pages of new text. All our copies of the new edition are autographed by the author. "I've been fortunate to know John Hinnant for many years and it's no surprise that his book is so effective. He has, after all, just retired from a lifetime of riflesmithing, machining and teaching industrial arts. Growing up in Texas (west of the Pecos) in the '40s and '50s, John had an early interest in firearms and machining processes. These interests remained throughout his life as he taught both to students lucky enough to be enrolled in out of his classes." - Dave Manson

Note: Due to their nature, books are non-returnable. Defective books will be replaced.


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Anonymous Reviewer
12/19/2019 2:34:49 AM

As a part time gunsmith, I use the guide as a reference so I don't miss a trick. This is an excellent source of information; very detailed and complete. If a monkey could read, he could do an accurate and complete job

Kevin M
Great product 03/30/2019 12:18:47 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent material 02/16/2018 4:28:20 PM

Very helpful infomation. Some printing errors so you are left with filling in the blanks.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/14/2017 12:25:18 AM

i'm glad I found this book, it is easy to read and understand very very good information, I'm a beginner

Anonymous Reviewer
06/03/2017 1:12:47 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
first class 05/06/2017 2:14:51 PM

down to earth practical guide with a first class service to the uk from grizzly