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Item #: G0757Z
Model # G0757Z
This is essentially the variable-speed version of the G0757 Horizontal/Vertical Mill, featuring the same uncompromised power and capability. This versatile mill features convenient, swing-arm-mounted, electronic variable-speed spindle control with a digital readout. The 3 HP, 3-phase vertical spindle motor runs on single-phase 220V power with a Delta variable-frequency drive, and the motor is equipped with an independent, high-CFM fan to keep it cool during operations requiring slow-speed or intense demands. Machinists, take a good look at this!


  • Coolant recycling system
  • Longitudinal power feed
  • High-precision P5 spindle bearings
  • Halogen worklight
  • Arbor adapter, R-8 to MT#3
  • 1" and 1-1/4" horizontal arbors with spacers
  • 1–13mm drill chuck with key and arbor
  • MT#3 to MT#2 adapter sleeve
  • T-bolts with washers and nuts
  • Service tools and toolbox
  • Required power supply: 15A, 220V, single-phase
  • Vertical spindle motor: 3 HP, 220V, 3-phase
  • Horizontal spindle motor: 2 HP, 220V, single-phase
  • Coolant pump motor: 40W, 220V
  • Full-load amps: 9.5A
  • Spindle taper: R-8
  • Spindle travel: 5"
  • Max. distance spindle-to-column: 26-3/4"
  • Max. distance spindle-to-table: 14-1/2"
  • Table size: 9-1/2" x 39-3/8"
  • Table travel (longitudinal): 23-1/2"
  • Table travel (cross): 8-1/2"
  • Knee travel (vertical): 12-1/2"
  • Table rotation: 45° left & right
  • Headstock turret/column swivel: 180°
  • Headstock tilt: 90° left & right
  • T-slots: Three 5/8" slots, 3" on center
  • Vertical spindle speeds: variable, 100–2000 RPM
  • Horizontal spindle speeds: 8, 72–1300 RPM
  • Overall height: 82"
  • Base footprint: 30-1/2" x 20"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 2050 lb.

4 Customer Reviews (5 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Chris P
02/03/2019 4:41:30 PM

Machine is an excellent value. Similar machines cost twice as much! Only had it set up for a couple weeks and only machines one item so far, but I absolutely love this new machine!

Anonymous Reviewer
Great "full size" mill, all the features 01/26/2019 1:58:37 PM

This mill came in a few weeks ago and has not seen a lot of use. Nearing retirement so I bought this looking for a full size "hobbiest" mill, one that I hopefully will not ever replace. The features set is complete, indeed you're paying for a lot of "bells and whistles" features, DRO, variable speed, tilting tables, heads, etc. I considered buying a cheaper model, or a used mill and adding features, but I didn't want to go that route. I'm really glad I got those features, including the X axis power feed. I could easily see adding a Z axis power feed to the table/knee at some point.

I'm still setting up my workshop so I haven't put this through extensive paces yet. I knew I had to uncrate it and rotate (tilt) the head to get it under a fairly low garage door. Turns out there is an index pin not described in the manual that needs to be removed to rotate the head. There is also a lengthy "break-in" process in the manual, I followed that carefully.

After some basic use, I think the most frustrating aspect of this mill is going to be the drawbar. To me it looks like an RPM sensor was added on the top of the head as an afterthought. This involves a ring that sticks up maybe 5/8" around the top of the drawbar. This makes getting a wrench on the drawbar top rather awkward, especially since it is slightly above my eye level. I'll probably end up modifying the drawbar, perhaps make a new one with a taller hex head on top to stick above that ring, although a simple bushing may be enough to fix the problem. It would be nice for Grizzly to have provided a more suitable drawbar.

The table is stiff and gritty in the Z axis. Obviously that's the heaviest to work with but it doesn't go down much better than up. I did verify that the z axis locking screws weren't engaged. I've already decided I need to dissassemble the table completely and clean all the slides and gears.

I'm certainly happy with this mill, but no doubt that if I had bought it intending to immediately put it into heavy use without some work I'd be dissappointed.

Michael H
Great Deal - Great Machine 12/30/2017 3:36:39 PM

The G0757Z Vertical Mill is very smooth to operate and quiet.
This mill is well worth the money and exceeded my expectations.
Kudos to Grizzly Industrial.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 4:09:23 PM

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