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Item #: T20916
Model # T20916
Made especially for our G0690 and G0691 Table Saws. Height is easily adjustable. Special phenolic material.

31 Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

John P
05/10/2019 11:42:27 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Perfect fit 03/12/2019 2:47:17 AM

Bought this to go along with my G0690 and it fit like a glove. Very happy with this purchase and will probably pick up a couple more just to have around.

Jeff B
Great product 02/22/2019 8:35:17 PM

Have bought this tablesaw insert before and the quality is excellent. The fit is good and with a little adjustment is great, cannot believe how a high quality item can be so reasonably priced.

James D
Works great 01/07/2019 4:27:42 PM

Didn't have the time to make my own zero clearance insert so I bought this and it worked great. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to lower the blade enough to insert it, but it had a recess cut into the bottom to account for that. Well designed and L'll buy another for my stacked dado set up.

Jim Dunn

david S
Perfect fit 12/13/2018 2:35:51 PM

Takes all the hassle away from making my own zero clearance plate. Fits like a glove and works perfectly. Its not cheap but you get what you pay for. Far superior to any shop made plate. Will be ordering for all blades etc.

Edmund M
Must have 12/09/2018 6:11:49 PM

Insert works great. I drilled 3/4 inch holes into the insert to improve dust collection it worked well.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/14/2018 7:25:16 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Does the job. 09/26/2018 8:44:21 PM

I just bought two of these and installed on a 5+ year old machine. I wish I bought them years ago. Each insert was a little loose out of the box, but I think it's supposed to be. After mostly leveling it, I backed out the screw at the back enough so it fit tightly. I then clamped a 2x4 over it, raised the blade up through the insert (and through the 2x4). I haven't done it yet, but I plan to use a jigsaw to make room for the riving knife. Jury is still out on whether I'll drill and countersink at the front to hold it down even tighter.

The insert is solid, it fits well, and it works like it's supposed to. Can't ask for much more than that.

robert W
Excellent insert 08/12/2018 4:38:03 PM

Easy install, quality insert. Makes for easy dust free saw work. I like the material it is constructed from - durable and heavy duty.

Kevin G
05/28/2018 8:23:46 PM

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Chris K
Very good product. 05/21/2018 10:55:13 AM

Very happy with this insert. I only wish it would accommodate the riving knife from the factory. Material and build quality is very good.

wayne V
poor fitting 05/02/2018 10:18:15 AM

loose fitting , built in tabs where to short so plate was loose. there is a screw on the one end side to lock plate in place. fine until you remove the plate and reinstall later plate did not go back in to the same spot.

Jayme J
Works Very Well 04/18/2018 12:44:06 PM

Fit on the insert was great. Installation and adjustment went smoothly. Extending the slot for the riving knife was easily done with a jig saw. I appreciate the peace of mind having a zero clearance insert provides with making cuts where the waste is thin. The zero clearance will be the insert I use for 99% of my cutting.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/16/2018 8:57:03 PM

5 Stars if it wasn't so expensive. Fits better and has less flex than my shop made insert.

Donald H
Great Product 04/12/2018 12:17:31 PM

fits G0690 saw - will be using for segment cutting

John C
03/30/2018 10:30:35 AM

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Brian K
simple and easy 12/07/2017 1:57:33 PM

I'm very glad that grizzly makes a zero clearance insert plate. I got it undamaged and installed it without any trouble. works great!

David K
12/04/2017 12:02:32 AM

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Brian K
Awesome insert ! 09/19/2017 1:51:49 PM

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Chris J
Exactly what I needed 08/11/2017 4:59:50 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
08/05/2017 2:42:56 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Very good product 08/04/2017 2:45:36 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
07/27/2017 6:49:46 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Works as expected 07/08/2017 1:33:31 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Very Nice! 06/24/2017 10:14:43 PM

Just what I needed. Quality Is always above and beyond. Thanks again Guys!

Bill D
Excellent 06/08/2017 2:58:45 PM

Haven't used , yet. Fits the opening perfect. Much easier than making your own.

Jim D
06/02/2017 2:00:07 PM

I bought this about 2 months ago for my Grizzly table saw and use it constantly. As a person who uses his saw to make a supplemental living tear out on any of my products is giving it an unprofessional look. This prevents tear out!

Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 4:26:46 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Eyes open 05/24/2017 1:24:58 PM

Context: I'm a Grizzly fan though it may not sound like it here. Until very recently my only disappointment with them was the decision to close the Muncy store.

So here goes. The leveling screws provided with the T20916 bottomed out without allowing the insert to be made flush with the table. I did not wish to risk ruining the rather expensive inserts (yes, I bought two) while deepening the countersunk holes, so I made a trip to the hardware store for longer screws. Not a big deal? Maybe. But I work all week and my shop time is valuable to me. The drive to the hardware store and back took an hour out of my life, an hour that I could have spend making an insert out of MDF with a router, a pattern bit and some carpet tape--like the one I was replacing. And I'd have had money left in my pocket.

I bought this insert for use in my G690. It should have worked out of the box.

Also, the directions suggested that the insert would be too large out of the box and would need to be shaped slightly. This was not my experience, but this was not a problem. There is a set screw that allows you to adjust for a tight fit. The insert snaps in and stays put, unlike the red stock one that needs to be screwed down and even after YEARS leaves red paint on every workpiece. But that's a story for another time ... Bottom line is I recommend the product with the caveats noted.

Timothy K
Haven't used it yet 01/26/2017 1:52:53 PM

I bought this to go with my new cabinet saw. Haven't had the opportunity to use this throat plate yet. It looks like it will work well.

Anonymous Reviewer
Dead flat. Terrific. 01/26/2017 12:19:48 PM

I had made inserts for my saw in the past and they would seem to twist slightly. This insert is dead flat. I also like the adjustment screw to make sure it is tight in the saw. Terrific product. I will be getting another one for my dado stack.