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Item #: T20531
Model # LS17SYS
The world's most versatile and accurate movable fence for your router table, drill press, or band saw. Designed to meet the needs of the most serious woodworker yet easy enough for even a beginner to use. The NEW INCRA LS Positioner has all of the precision and versatility of our other tools, plus a host of new features and design details that set it apart from anything else. The LS stands for Lead Screw. The patented Lead Screw technology (U.S. Patent #5,716,045) makes this unit the leader in precision positioners for woodworking. Included in the LS Positioner System Package: INCRA LS Positioner, 17" carriage, 28" Pro II Fence, INCRA Shop Stop, 13" Telescoping Stop Extender Bar with Shop Stop, Right Angle Fixture, Master Reference Guide, 51-piece Template Library, 82-Minute Instructional LS Positioner DVD, Plus FREE Bonus INCRA Products Demo DVD.

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Anonymous Reviewer
I thought my shop built fence was pretty good... 11/15/2018 2:48:56 PM

After twenty years with my shop built router table and fence I treated myself to a legit router table and fence. I had experience with Incra fences on table saws and was impressed, so I went all in on Incra. Incra Table Top, Incra Router Lift, Incra Cleansweep and Incra fence. Its all great, but the fence is the foundation. A lot of companies make great examples of all the other items, but not the fence. It arrived first, so I put it on my old table while waiting for the rest to ship. Im not blessed with a lot of patience. It was an Ah-Hah moment. Theres a little bit of a learning curve, but all that meant was I got to make some sawdust, and isnt that kind of the point.

Anonymous Reviewer
STURDY! Love this fence 10/12/2018 2:47:58 PM

I thought the extruded aluminum might have a little give to it and thus not be adequate for a router table, but I found it's very stable! I love the repeatability and it's not complicated to set up and use. I consider it a great buy.

John H
05/23/2018 9:55:53 PM

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