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The Drawer Slide Jig takes the guesswork out of installing drawer slides. This easy to use jig holds slides in position as you drill mounting holes in the cabinet, and it supports drawer boxes while mounting slides to the drawer. Plus, the Jig works with ball-bearing, epoxy-coated, and undermount slides for perfect positioning every time. The Drawer Slide Jig consists of two brackets that clamp in place inside the cabinet - one on each cabinet side - and align with the cabinet face frame (or with designated marks on frameless cabinets) to support the drawer slide as you drill mounting holes. The brackets are also reversible to protrude from the cabinet, and then clamp in place perfectly aligned to support the drawer as you mount the slides to the drawer box, too. The Drawer Slide Jig works with almost all types of drawer slides, including ball-bearing, epoxy-coated, and undermount slides.

The Drawer Slide Jig is designed to be intuitive for beginners to use, but robust enough for professionals. All you need are the slides you'll use, a clamp, and the Drawer Slide Jig, and you're set to install drawer slides just like the pros. Whether you're installing one drawer or dozens, the Drawer Slide Jig provides fast, consistent results. Includes 2 brackets, 4 upper/lower sliders (installed), and owner's manual.


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Andy B
Best tool ever! 04/05/2019 2:55:16 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
08/22/2018 12:11:52 PM

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Ted J
12/01/2017 12:12:38 PM

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