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Item #: T21830
Model # PRS4215
    These specialized Notching bits were specifically designed for use with the Kreg Precision Beaded Face-Frame System. Each bit features a high quality1/2-Inch shank construction along with high grade carbide tips for extreme durability. We currently 4 standard Notching bits depending on your rail widths and bead of choice. Available in 11/2-Inch and 2-Inch sizes to allow one pass operations in 11/2-Inch and 2-Inch wide rails and stiles. For material rail widths greater than 2-Inch, multiple passes using either the PRS4200 or PRS4205 are required.

  • 3/8-Inch by 1-1/2-Inch for rails and stiles that are a minimum of 1-1/2-Inch wide
  • 3/8-Inch by 2-Inch for rails and stiles that are a minimum of 2-Inch wide
  • For rails and stiles wider than the minimum, multiple passes will be required.

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