Grizzly   |  Model: G0704
Mill/Drill with Stand
Price: $1,375.00
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Grizzly G0704 - Mill/Drill with Stand

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This great little machine sports some of the same features found on much larger mill/drills: dovetail column, variable speed 1 HP motor, R-8 spindle with digital read out, tapered gibs with double locks, large 7-1/16" x 26-5/8" table and it comes with its own stand! This is an excellent value and great for just starting out or even as a dedicated, single-purpose machine in the shop!


  • Dovetail column
  • Safety shut off switch
  • Spindle speed DRO
  • Fine feed head control
  • 2-Speed gearbox
  • Clear guard on spindle
  • Rubber chip guards on ways
  • Zero setting dials
  • Dials read inches
  • Forward/Reverse switch
  • Floor-to-table height: 37-1/2"
  • Stand footprint: 15-3/4" x 16-1/2"


  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V, 12A, single-phase
  • Spindle taper: R-8
  • Spindle travel: 2"
  • T-slots: 3 @ 2-1/2" centers, 7/16" wide
  • Head travel: 11"
  • Head tilt: 90° L/R
  • Max. distance spindle to table: 13"
  • Swing: 15"
  • Table travel (longitudinal): 18-7/8"
  • Table travel (cross): 6-7/8"
  • Table size: 7-1/16" x 26-5/8"
  • Spindle Speed: 50–1125 RPM low, 100-2250 high
  • Approximate shipping weight: 363 lbs.
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Fantastic Mill for the garage shop! 12/21/2017

I have owned this machine for 2 years and have completed many projects with it. This has been a great purchase and complements the G0765 lathe. Having the mill and the lathe has been a problem solver. The G0704 Mill is and has been a good machine. Since it has the R8 taper spindle you can use a wide variety of tooling out there. I have and used a 2" Boring Head, a 7 peice set of R8 End mill holders. I have used the end mill bits extensively on this machine with no issues. It's a 300 lb machine not a 800 to 2,000 lb brute so I take smaller cuts to minimize flex and turn out great parts with high tight tolerances. Also I used this mill to notch up to 2 1/2" pipe so far with the addition of 4" V blocks. So in two years I have notched steel pipe, bore holes, shaped steel parts with end mill bits and drilled numerous holes, all steel! I had one issue MY FAULT, I had a coupon from a steel pipe hit the clamped work peice and stop the spindle at 400 RPMs stripping a gear. I ordered it from grizzly and in 3 days latter it showed up on my door srep and I installed it. This time I purchased the correct bit for the job and had no issue. Grizzly customer service was and is top notch, they will work with you so my hats off to the customer service department !

Good 11/26/2017


Works great for the operations that I purchased it for. Very happy with performance.


Spindle DRO didn't work but replacement part came in three days. Good service. I'm happy.

Oh Yeah-! 11/9/2017

Very happy to say the least after having spent time completing two projects. Having owned a smaller mill/drill, thought I knew about what to expect, but was I ever wrong. This one is exactly what I wanted and hoped for in a larger bench top machine. Researched for several weeks and posted on numerous forums asking for feedback as these types of reviews can be misleading but I received numerous positive responses on this particular machine and guess what... they were spot on. Having spent several hours with it, I can say without a doubt that its money well spent. Very sturdy and easy to setup. My first cuts were on aluminum with a 3" indexible surface mill. Ran on the lowest gear but at the highest motor speed to eliminate lugging and it instantly proved to be a stud. Next were with everything from 1/2" Hoggers to standard 2 and 4 flute end mills. Learned quickly to appreciate the digital depth reading as well as the digital speed read out. Its heavy for a drill/mill and we had to remove the base with the four Allen bolts to get it situated and then reassembled. Squaring up was a simple process and and I'm already planning my next projects. For a hobbyist, you'll appreciate this machine as it will allow you to learn and grow in the hobby. Enjoy, JR.


Nice machine. Pleased with its operation, but have been waiting over a month and a half for the hold downs for the table. I ordered a set, but they still haven’t arrived. All the other accessories arrived timely and am pleased with them.

Not so great 10/25/2017

I am very disappointed with this machine. In the past I have owned numerous Grizzly woodworking tools. 10" Table saw. 15" Planer. 14" Band saw. Shaper. Jointer. Combination belt and disc sander. Scroll saw. Dust collector. Not once did I have any reason to be disappointed. They were all excellent tools. Unfortunately I can't say the same for this mill drill. The mounting holes in the cabinet are not in the proper location causing the left side of the mill to be further forward than the right side. I reported this to your customer service the response I received was to return the cabinet and I would be sent a replacement. That brings up the question, what do I do with mill while I'm wait for a replacement cabinet? I suppose I could sit on the floor to use it. I had to freeze the spindle for 2 days before it would stay in place. Yesterday one of the handles for the table lock came off in my hand. This is not the quality I have come to expect from Grizzly. This is the sort of quality I would expect from Harbor Freight or an eBay lowest price mill.

Corbett B
Great piece of equipment. 10/19/2017

This machine did exactly what I needed it for. Worked great.


It is performing better than we had planned. Considering adding another one just like it to help with production.

Steve T
Great product and value 8/16/2017

Bought this mill based on good written and YouTube reviews. The machine seems to have plenty of capabilities for a home shop. While it's no Bridgeport, what I liked was the size/weight and spare parts availability. The first one showed up damaged and was refused. I called Grizzly immediately. They were very apologetic and had a replacement shipped out 3 days later. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.


The mill arrived on schedule and was well packaged. Most of the accessories that I ordered arrived a couple of days before the mill but there's still a couple of items on BO. I got the mill set up and have made a couple of trial cut's and everything work as it should. Very little backlash on all axis. I checked the tramming of the head and it's off slightly, I just need to loosen the bolts and adjust it, hopefully this weekend. I installed the X axis power feed and that's been working fine also. I only gave 4 stars since I haven't had time to really get into making parts yet.

Chad B

Had a broken fuse holder when received but was quickly handled and replacement parts were sent out. Over all a good product for the price! Satisfied customer.


So far very happy with it, but wish it had a spindle lock.


I have been looking at this unit for a couple of years now. Favorable Paypal financing allowed me to proceed with the purchase. This unit is perfect for the odd jobs that come up around the house & in the garage. I set it up with a 3" vise & have done a couple of dozen projects already.

I am so glad I finally bit the bullet and got one!!


I purchased this mill to replace a larger round column mil/drill due to downsizing my shop. While the G0704 may not have as much horsepower as my former mill drill it is, by far, a much better machine for my situation. So far, the G0704 has performed flawlessly. For a gear driven head, I find it very quiet and smooth running. All three axis (X, Y, and Z) travel smoothly. I do recommend a DRO at least for the X & Y axis and I’d be confident that this mill would fulfill most home shop machinist needs.

Glen R
Getting Started 6/9/2017

Capable of more than my abilities right now and its been a steep learning curve with no formal education, thank God for the internet & Youtube. Its a good addition for my home shop but I think it has Cottage Industry Production, educational and R&D laboratory applications. Just a decade ago if you wanted a home garage shop sized milling machine the only option was to pick up a 7 volume Series of David J. Gingery's books: Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap and build it all yourself. Now you don't need to do that and at price ranges well within striking distance of the common man or woman of modest means, just give up eating out or fast foods, cook at home, give up cigarettes & soda for a couple of years (or better yet the rest of your life), turn off that boob tube and drive a good used car or pickup and you'll have it all at your disposal and more. Other than that for me (and a few more Grizzly products) I just need to build the bench mounted Gingery metal shaper for those one-of-a-kind jobs and having this G0704 & my handy mid 50's South Bend L10 model A lathe is speeding that project up. I recommend Two things your going to need from the get-go; a good 8" to 12" machinist level and don't start chipping your teeth over the price because you will never regret putting all your equipment as close to level in this round world as humanly possible. Next a quality Co-Axial indicator, you will use it allot, trust me. Your only restricted by your imagination and Grizzly Industrial can help get you a good start. I wish I could have had something like it 20 years ago.


I've wanted to add a milling machine to my basement shop for the past couple of years but knew that a 2000 lb.+ older unit would not be a good fit for me. You can buy decent working used floor-standing knee mills for $3-4k but then you have to move them. Also, an old milling machine is likely to at the least require a lot of cleanup and even perhaps a motor and quill berrings and replacement wiring harnesses. I've done some of this type of work already with an old "free" lathe. I wanted to buy something to suit my needs that would work the first time I plugged it in. I also tend to purchase things that are one size larger/better than what I actually think that I could get by with. Most of my projects are aluminum, plastic and wood. I went with the Grizzly because I had previously bought two woodworking bandsaws from Grizzly. The first bandsaw, purchased about 15 years ago, did have a part that was out of spec and Grizzly handled the problem very quickly. When it came time to upgrade, I bought another Grizzly bandsaw. I also did quite a bit of web serfing to see what others were recommending. The Grizzly G0704 has a lot of loyal users. Yes, for the money and the quality, I would recommend this mill.


I have had a few issues with my new G0704 mill/drill but customer service delivered replacement parts the same day. I want to thank Grizzly for the outstanding service, my new machine works perfectly.

sean S
g0704 mill 6/2/2017

I bought my g0704 a few months ago. I am happy with its performance so far and have had no issues.

Dave A
Well built 6/2/2017

I bought this several months ago and it's been a pleasure to use. Solid well built and really accurate, plus you don't need a forklift to move it.

Very Satisfied 6/2/2017

Fast delivery. Machine setup, cleaning and break in procedure went well. I have been using the mill for 5 months, mostly on aluminum but some steel as well without any problems. My only complaint is the arms on the X axis table locks get caught on the base and bend when moving Y axis inward, to remedy this I just replaced with knobs I made from aluminum. I also made a ganged Y axis lock which is easier to access than the original locks.

Nice compact machine 6/1/2017

This machine does a very good job on the small items I use it for. My only complaint is, the lock nut at the top of the vertical column has loosened several times. As a result, I have to reset it to raise the head. No spanners are supplied for this task.

Barry S
Very Happy with this Mill 6/1/2017

This has been a real boon to my workshop. The small parts I used to make by hand with hacksaw and file are now easily made with this machine. I have now taken on some larger projects that I would not have attempted otherwise. It handles both aluminum and steel with no hesitation. Very happy with this machine!

Gary C

I was waiting on the DRO machine, but they had a 5 day sale on this so I bought it. Looks great. Shipped very quickly. Bought it on a Friday had on Tuesday. I have run the break process, but have not done any milling as of yet. I am buying all the tooling and necessary items needed. I have also bought the power feed.
I have also bought a Lathe from Grizzly in the past. Great company and great products

Very pleased 3/12/2017

I spent about 25 years working in a machine shop and was concerned about these small mills. After reading countless reviews I decided on this one and have no regrets. It's done everything I've attempted. It's not going to remove material like a Bridgeport but does a nice job for a basement shop. I installed DRO's within a few days and just ordered the power feed

Clint V
Pretty Nice Mid-Size Mill 3/8/2017

I bought this mill nearly a year ago. I was pleasantly surprised with how big and beefy it was in person. I purchased the power feed attachment at the same time and that was a very easy install. It has been a great accessory to have for longitudinal feed. I've cut aluminum, 12L14 Steel, and hardened tool stool on this mill. I don't agree with the previous reviewer who said it would only cut aluminum. I haven't found that to be the case. The issue is you can't take those huge hog-leg 250 thou cuts on this machine like it was a Bridgeport! It will cut anything you want, you just have to take lighter passes on harder metals. I routinely take .150" cuts into 6061 alum with no problem on this. Also, in the specs it says the mill capacity is 3/4" end mill. However, I have a 1" end mill that I've used and again, no issues. It's really about how careful and caring you are about your machine and your tools. I am overall very happy with this mill.

However, there is one problem that caused me at least a months worth of headache, and because of this, I took off one star. If I had known about this issue or been more perceptive, I might have either gone with a different model, or one that already had a DRO installed on it. So, the issue is with installing a DRO onto this mill yourself. Installing a scale and read head for the longitudinal feed is stupid easy. Plenty of space and no real extra fabricating needs to be done to attach that portion of the DRO to the back side of the table.

Where the issue lies is with the Y axis (front to back). Because the base of the mill is not flat, it is a NIGHTMARE....nightmare I tell you, to attach the scale and read head for this axis. Let me save everyone some time and calculating. The angle on the side of the base is approximately 34 degrees (you won't find this on the website or anywhere in the manual, and this approximation is good enough for proper installation. You don't need it down to minutes; take my word for it.). So, you can't just put the scale directly onto the side of the base and get to going. I had to take some aluminum square stock and layout a 34 degree angle on one side of the alum stock, mill it, and then attach three 34 degree "stand off" pieces that I then drilled and tapped, attaching it to the side of the base. This allowed the scale to be attached and dialed in perfectly square/parallel.

The next horror is trying to find a spot to attach the read head. The issue is that the only space (that I found acceptable, personally) where you could begin to think about attaching some type of bracket for the read head is directly under the table, above the base, on a 7" long strip. This little bitty strip is just that....tiny. While it is 7" long, it is only 3/8" thick. So, I went out and found some 3/8" wide x 1/2" thick x 24" pieces of aluminum. I essentially had to create a "box" and the "arms" extending away from the table had to be long enough that when I finally attached the bracket that the read head would be attached to, that it had a correct amount of spacing to not rub the scale as the read head moved with the movement of the table. I also added a middle bracing piece that was also drilled and tapped into the one piece attached to that little 7" strip under the table. Because I had to create those 34 degree standoffs, the read head had to actually be on the outside or away from the mill and away from the scale, in order to move freely and work properly (I attached it to the left side of the table, so think of it this way - read head all the way to the left, then the scale, then the standoffs, and then the side of the mill).

It is rigid and has worked, but I was pretty frustrated and annoyed with how involved it became just to attach the Y axis, all because the base was angled. MORAL OF THE STORY: Get the G0704 that has the DRO already on it. It's a different number than the 0704, but it's the exact same machine, just with the DRO already installed. Or don't, and have fun engineering something for the Y axis.

There are others ways it could've been attached, but for me, this is the first way to do it that popped into my head and it's what I went with. And before you waste your time (I did. Probably 4 or 5 hours over a two week period), there is absolutely nothing on YouTube or a forum or on the interwebs where someone installs a DRO on the G0704 and tackles the angled base to give you some idea. There are a few DRO video installs on YouTube for the G0704, but they are all the iGaging type DRO system. And that's completely different than a "real" DRO package (not putting down the iGaging type DRO system at all, but for a lack of better description, "real" is what I'm going with).

Anyway, great machine, and I hope that I could help at least one person who is installing a DRO after purchase, making their install easier than mine was! Happy machining!

John B
Another great value from Grizzly 3/7/2017

After much research, I bought this mill in late 2016 to add to the G0602 lathe I had bought in 2015. Like the lathe, I found this machine to be of excellent value, and it can do everything I expect it to do. For ease of precision work, I would recommend installing digital readouts, or buying the machine(s) with digitals already installed.

Great product 2/5/2017

I am learning a lot together with is machine. So glad I bought it. No regrets.

ken S
great good size for starting out plenty of power 1/28/2017


Nice machine - good value; I would recommend getting extra 10 amp fuses for the controller and the tool that locks the quill when changing the collet is powdered metal and broke on the first use - I use the the opposite end of a transfer punch.

Great product 1/26/2017

My husband is very happy with this and will recommend it to everyone. He uses it every night to work on his projects.

Very happy with this mill 8/1/2016

The 704 is legendary with hobby machinists and it deserves every bit of that reputation. I had read a lot of good things online about this mill and when I finally took the plunge and ordered one I was not disappointed. This is a very fine machine, perfect for a garage shop. Try to see one in person if you can before making a decision - it's larger that you might imagine, the pictures on the website don't give a sense of scale.

Hint for people on a budget with no lifting equipment like me - I was able to get it up on the stand by myself by tipping it onto it's back, then attaching the base, then tipping machine and base back up. It's possible to get it up onto stand with just one person this way.

Thanks for a great product Grizzly. Also was very pleased with the FedEx freight (with extra lift gate service) - they gave a phone call 20 minutes out so I could meet them at home, and used the pallet jack to move the pallets where I needed. Delivery was very fast, 3 days.

OK for it's size 5/20/2016

I've had this for about almost 5 years. It has served me well. I burned out the drive motor cutting aluminum with a 3/4 end mill at only 1/4" depth. I suppose it was just time. The replacement motor is larger and barely fits in the upper cover but it's better quality. I bought 2 just in case. It is OK for light milling on aluminum but wouldn't recommend it for steels of any depth. Most of what I do is aluminum.
It doesn't tram at 100% in all directions so precision is an issue. But I don't make parts for NASA so I'm OK with that.

Daniel M
Love it! 4/10/2016

I've had this mill for about 6 months, works well. No issues so far. I love that it comes with a no thrills digital scale on z axis. Would buy it again in a heart beat.

Great little mill 3/11/2016

Fast shipping and well packed. Minor issues were identified on delivery which were handled promptly and professionally by Grizzly customer/tech support. Very pleased with the mill. Good value for the price.

dogg tired
An excellent benchtop mill 2/26/2016

I've owned one of these for nearly 5 years now. It has done everything I have needed it to do. All it needed was to be wiped clean and plugged in. It works steels, brass/bronze, aluminum, cast iron, plastics, and woods without complaint.

It's a great model engineers mill. I've built a number of running steam engines with it and even done gunsmithing and light industrial repair work with it. In my opinion, it's the best hobbyist mill Grizzly offers.

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