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Item #: DC1849
Model # DC1849
These Roman Carbide® Forstner Bits are some of the nicest Forstner bits available! Micro-grain carbide cross tips and center cutters stay sharper longer, for years of dependable service when drilling hard and soft woods, face grain, end grain, and figured grain. Carbide cross-tips and center-cutters also provide smoother, chatter-free, and faster cutting results. Hex shanks guarantee no slipping, unlike round shanks, which result in scarring and diminished accuracy. Hex shanks fit 3/8" drill chucks.

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Anonymous Reviewer
01/04/2019 7:05:24 PM

No feedback given

Larry C
Between size bit 01/02/2019 9:53:05 PM

Purchased to bore oversize holes for 3/4" dowels. Works perfect. Nice sharp bit