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This vise features an exclusive slide bar to prevent jaws from tilting up or sideways when tightening. Adjustable gibs take up any slack on both top and bottom slides. Use this vise on your drill press for cutting keyways and doing light milling jobs.

23 Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
06/24/2019 11:52:16 AM

I bought this to install on a 8 inch drill press that I use in knife making. It is a bit big for this press which limits the distance on the plunge of the drill bit and I had to make an adapter plate to mount it on the press. As other reviews have stated, it took a lot of work disassembling and smoothing and cleaning the machined surfaces. I was able to install some nylon washers on the X and Y axis to take up some of the slack. The vice has turned out nicer than expected. I have even done some light mill work on the vice with aluminum and brass. Good value for the price.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Tool 05/22/2019 12:44:23 AM

This vice is great with the cross slide you don't have to keep repositioning your project love it

Anonymous Reviewer
03/15/2019 1:05:54 PM

The vise will do what they claim after considerable finishing on the slides. When you tighten it so there is no chatter it is very hard to crank so I spent time filing and stoning the slides. Now it will do what I needed it to do.

Anonymous Reviewer
As Expected 11/29/2018 11:09:40 PM

Purchased on sale and that made this purchase ok. As always spent too much time removing the shipping grease. The travel is better than expected.

Jonathan K
04/15/2018 6:20:52 PM

Make sure you clean it, it is packaged soaked in oil, takes some tlc to adjust it so it is usable. Very reasonably priced

Anonymous Reviewer
Good night! What value. 03/09/2018 9:37:58 PM

Good quality for a great price, just clean off the cosmoline, do a little clean up filing here and there and you're off to the races.

Rene C
good at the price 01/20/2018 2:36:00 PM

Cleaned up nicely, adjusted well. Changed the position of the vice jaws,but that's just my choice of how I use the vice.

Anonymous Reviewer
It's Pretty Rough 12/10/2017 9:23:27 PM

It's a pretty good price, but be prepared to do a lot of work on it before you have a sort of usable tool. All of the machined surfaces on mine were very rough with burrs and gouges. One of the gibs looks like it has been sitting in salt water for years, it is so heavily corroded and pitted. The lead screws have a lot of slop and tend to move around when drilling. After using it a bit, one of the crank handles fell off. It appears to have been peened on and failed under use.

After spending a lot of time rebuilding it, which I expect and sort of enjoy, I have a tool that every drill press owner should have. However, I will be looking for a higher quality vice to replace this one. I expect there to be quality trade-offs at this price with import tools, but this one has too many quality issues to be a satisfactory purchase.

Richard P
Good value for the money 11/30/2017 3:16:53 PM

While not the best, it is a good value for the money.

Gerald I
Great product! 11/02/2017 2:36:41 PM

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Steven N
10/23/2017 2:53:03 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
10/09/2017 3:35:40 AM

Excellent purchase and great price. Great product and the best attention of the Grizzly Staff. Thanks a lot. Mario

Anonymous Reviewer
Great for the price 10/05/2017 12:53:52 PM

The first one sent was damaged. I called Grizzly, explained the problem and they shipped another out immediately
The only problem I have with the design of the code is the y. axis turning handlei hits the drill table top. You either have to ensure to position the vise so that the Y adjustment handle sits off of the table so it can be turned or you place a spacer under the wise.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/02/2017 10:42:52 PM

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ted M
10/01/2017 3:17:29 PM

it is excellant for the purpass even if made in China, don'''''''''''''''''t over work it will last

Peter W
09/30/2017 5:10:46 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
09/30/2017 3:23:59 PM

This was a great by. Been looking for a vise like this for a while.
Delivered with in 2 days.

John B
09/30/2017 12:42:02 AM

Unit looks well made and works good. Haven't used it yet but I know it will work well.

Anonymous Reviewer
Vise 09/29/2017 3:38:40 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
09/29/2017 2:54:46 PM

I bought this vice because of the low price compared to other sources. Not exactly a high precision tool, but it fits my woodworking needs.
2 negatives; sharp edges that required some file work, and it was covered with a thick, sticky, and smelly oil that took lots of solvent to remove. I understand protecting a product for shipping from China, but this was overkill.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/29/2017 12:55:02 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
09/27/2017 8:57:54 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 11:14:44 PM

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