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These Cam Clamps have been used on CNC machines as work holding fixtures for decades. The clamp acts on an eccentric cam, which tightens the jaw as the handle is moved. The jaw is set on an angle and provides inward/downward pressure to apply the "grip of death" on your project. Easy to set up, slides along on tracks and leaves the top of your project unobstructed. Made of hardened steel.

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Todd H
Just one... 03/17/2019 7:51:00 PM

Given the price and the pictures I assumed I was getting a pair (actually two pair because I ordered two). They didn't fit the current t-tracks I have (I suspected they might not) so I ordered new tracks. A test run on the new tracks seems to indicate that they will work very well but I haven't put them through a lot yet. Initially they seem good but over priced. I was thinking the price was just right for a pair of clamps. Grizzly might want to reconsider their price point.

Anonymous Reviewer
Basic but very functional 12/30/2018 1:54:56 PM

A solid no frills heavy duty built product. Apply some thread-locker as the handles tend to come loose and try to get lost.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/17/2018 1:52:14 PM

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Jay M
10/13/2018 12:18:35 PM

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John H
04/05/2018 2:22:12 PM

While the clamps took quite a bit of time to arrive, they worked well. I have used other t track clamps but none of them even come close to the clamping power that these have - and as an added bonus, these pull the item being clamped towards the table. If you are having trouble with the misshapen t-nuts supplied, consider replacing with stamped 1/4-20 oval t-nuts. This will solve compatibility issues with certain types of T-Slot track.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/07/2018 4:40:45 PM

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