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South Bend® quality is built into every one of these fantastic gearhead lathes! Features include electronic variable speed, universal QC gearbox, extra long saddle for stability, pull out chip pan, and of course, a full compliment of standard equipment that includes 3 & 4-jaw chucks, steady & follow rests, micrometer carriage stop and a lot more.

These South Bend EVS lathes are supplied with an adjustable feed rod clutch and stop collar on the feed rod. This is a great safety feature when working close to the chuck. Set the stop collar so the saddle and tool post are positioned at a safe distance from the chuck and tighten the lock screw. Adjust the feed rod clutch to a low setting. If the carriage comes into contact with the collar, the clutch slips, saving your machine from a serious crash.


  • Fagor DRO
  • Swing over bed: 14.17"
  • Distance between centers: 40"
  • Swing over cross slide: 8.375"
  • Swing over gap: 20.98"
  • Spindle nose to gap (max.): 6.5"
  • Cross slide travel: 9.25"
  • Compound slide travel: 5.1"
  • Width of bed: 10.24"
  • Spindle nose: D1-6 camlock
  • Spindle bore: 2.0625"
  • Spindle taper: MT#6
  • Spindle speeds: Variable from 20-2500 RPM
  • Tailstock taper: MT#4
  • Tailstock travel: 6"
  • Tailstock quill diameter: 2.047"
  • Inch thread range: 2-72 TPI (45 changes)
  • Metric thread range: 0.2-14 mm (39 changes)
  • Modular threads: 0.3-3.5 (18 changes)
  • Diametral threads: 8-44 (21 changes)
  • Longitudinal feed range: 0.002-0.067 IPR
  • Cross feed range: 0.001-0.034 IPR
  • Number of feed selections: 45
  • Coolant motor size: 1/8 HP
  • Spindle motor size: 5 HP
  • Voltage: 220V, 3-phase, 60 cycle
  • Machine footprint: 19-1/2" x 82"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 2984 lbs.

    Standard Equipment:

  • Allen Bradley electrical components
  • Meehanite casting, signature South Bend 3 V-bed
  • 8" 3 jaw scroll chuck w/ D1-6 plate
  • 10" 4 jaw ind. chuck D1-6
  • 12" faceplate
  • Safety chuck guard with microswitch shut-off
  • Steady rest with roller tips
  • Follow rest
  • 4-way tool post
  • Halogen lamp
  • Complete coolant system
  • Micrometer carriage stop
  • Spindle sleeve MT#6/MT#4
  • Two MT#4 Dead centers
  • Threading dial indicator
  • Leveling pads - 8 pcs.
  • Full length splash guard
  • Front removable sliding chip tray
  • Tool set and box
  • Operation manual and parts list
  • Yaskawa G7A23P7 inverter

    Optional Accessories:

  • Taper attachment (unmounted)
  • Collet attachment 5-C, quick change (unmounted) Model SB1268
  • Backplate
  • Quick change tool post system (see Tooling section)
  • Precision 5-C collets - set of 8 (1/8" - 1", in 1/8" increments) Model SB1279
  • Quick change tool post system (see Tooling section)
  • 5C collets
  • Drill chucks
  • Reviews

    3 Customer Reviews(5 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great addition 12/21/2019 6:42:14 PM

    We needed a small run machine so a CNC wasnt required. After months of looking we decided on the South Bend Lathe and we are glad we did. Grizzly shipped in 1 day; we received it in 2 days and were making customer parts after 4 days. Thanks to all for the seamless process.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very good lathe. 08/15/2018 2:35:21 AM

    I did months of research and made more than a dozen phone calls to various reps and manufacturers asking questions about their lathes but kept coming back to the one. This one just checked all the boxes I wanted. So far it has been very impressive. I needed to do some minor lash adjustments on the carriage to get the feel I wanted, but the 3 jaw came mounted and was near dead on with three different size pieces of precision chromo stock. The tailstock was also dead on with no taper over a 12" long cut. The pressurized lubrication system and being fully outfitted with 3 and 4 jaw chucks, a face plate, and also steady and follow rests are what initially drew me to it. Its has the right amount of mass (@3000lbs) which makes it able to handle larger pieces in the 4 jaw than other imports in this price range, but not so heavy that I can't move it without serious equipment. What many people don't know is that this lathe is nearly identical to the Republic Lagun EVS lathe of the same size. It has the same basic lathe and equipment but without the Turcite coated rails and fancy "CNC-style" lighting. The big difference is the price with the Republic Lagun costing 50% more once you buy the chucks and rests, and DRO which are all options on the Lagun. Once Grizzly got them in stock and they had their vet discount for Memorial Day, I pulled the trigger and got the last one in stock. I did swap the light and DRO locations so the light follows the cutting tool position on larger pieces (not sure what they were thinking on that one). Thinking about an upgrade to the Fagor 40i DRO which will control the Yaskawa inverter for "constant surface speed" capability.

    Superb Quality 11/01/2016 12:41:02 AM

    I recently got the machine set up and the quality far exceeded my expectations. I was leery at first, but after numerous conversations with tech support prior to the purchase, I was convinced that this was the real deal. I have owned numerous older manual American made machines and wanted quality like those provided. If you buy one of these machines, you won't at all be disappointed with the high quality, very well written instructions and great support.