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Item #: SB1380
Model # SB1380
These keyless chucks are produced with an integral shank to maximize concentricity between the body, shank and jaws. They start as a one-piece high alloy body which is turned, then finish ground throughout, making them as close to zero TIR (Total Indicated Runout) as can be. A spanner is provided to ease jaw opening.

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Anonymous Reviewer
08/16/2019 10:20:29 PM

Wanted to have extra chucking capacity on my lathes tail stock Like that it comes with a spanner wrench to apply addition clamping pressure on tooling shanks. Tried it on my drill press and found the run out to be vary little to nothing. It has many construction appearance features like a Albrecht Chuck costing 3 times the price.
I do plan on purchasing another one and selling my Albrecht chuck. Have found Grizzly tooling to be the the best of Quality, Consistency & Value. Bill
B Naperville IL

William H
This chuck seems easier to use than my "key" type chuck. 06/07/2018 12:35:27 AM

I found that a bit may slip unless a little extra tightening is made with the supplied wrench. (I was drilling 316 ss with a reduced shank drill bit)

geo H
12/26/2017 6:06:04 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
05/22/2017 4:04:52 PM

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