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"A Stanley Tradition since 1843" - Stanley reintroduces their Sweet Heart logo with a new line of premium hand planes. If youre a woodworker, finding an old Stanley tool with their Sweet Heart logo is like finding a treasure, and many consider these hand planes to be the best of the best. These new planes were created with the input of users and engineers combining science and the art of tool making to produce the best possible tool. Each plane features an adjustable mouth , a 1/8 thick A2 steel blade, a one-piece precision ground frog and base casting, and a limited lifetime warranty. The Stanley No. 62 is 2-1/2 wide by 14 long with a 2 wide blade thats installed bevel up without a cap iron. Jack planes with bevel-up irons are among the most useful planes because they can be used in place of a jointer plane on short boards, and for smoothing. The front knob and tote are genuine American Cherry. Instructions for care and use included.

Low angle jack plane with a thicker blade made of A2 steel for increased edge retention that reduces "chatter". Product has easy use adjustments and has a lateral patented adjustment locking feature.

Technical Details

  • Base and frog cast as one for accuracy
  • Patented lateral adjustment locking feature
  • Cherry wood handle and knob for comfort with solid brass adjustments for smooth operation
  • Iron casting for weight and durability
  • Mouth adjustment for different types of wood

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Anonymous Reviewer
05/21/2020 12:13:57 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
06/07/2018 1:28:38 AM

I went thru a lot to obtain this Stanley No 62. I ordered it from Amazon twice, both times it was out of stock. So I ordered it from Grizzly tools, it shipped immediately, and I received it a few days later. I cleaned it up, sharpened the blade, like you have to on all hand planes. It is an amazing tool, shaving off wispy little shavings, as thin as you want them. I highly recommend this hand planer. The Stanley Premium No 4 is really awesome too. Thank you

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 4:16:37 PM

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