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Forstner Bit 16 pc. Set
Price: $57.75
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Steelex - Forstner Bit 16 pc. Set

SKU: D3573

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Forstner Bits are the most accurate and versatile of all wood bits. They cut extremely smooth and clean flat-bottomed holes in any species of wood, even in thin stock or veneers. We cannot emphasize enough how happy you will be with these. Includes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", round-shank bits, and 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2", 1-5/8", 1-3/4", 1-7/8", 2", 2-1/8" saw-toothed hex-shank bits. Shank size is 3/8". Comes with a nice wood storage box.

Hex shanks on larger bits prevent slippage, shank scarring, and wobble caused by poor chucking.

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Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer
Value 1/2/2019

I bought this product so as to have a variety of forstner bits for different projects. When purchasing, I thought it was a pretty good deal the number of bits for the price. When receiving the product, I was happy to find that they were not only a priced Right but were a quality product too!

Robert A
Nice Bits 10/26/2018

Ive needed a set of forstner bits but was reluctant to buy any mainly because of cost and unavailability of sets at my local hardware store. When I saw these at Grizzly I thought why not. Very happy I did. Excellent bits, smooth holes.

Dennis B
Great product, good price. 10/7/2018

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Anonymous Reviewer
Can't beat this set for value 7/27/2018

I'm a serious hobbyist, so although none of my tools are used professionally, they do get put through the wringer on the weekends. I was looking for the best quality forstner bit set that made sense for me and this set fits the bill. Pretty sharp right out of the box and a nice storage case too. Great set. Very happy with this purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer

Great item, love the hex shanks and the storage box.

Anonymous Reviewer

I have used these bits in pine cabinet doors for placing Blum hinges. The bits performed great clean edges and nice flat bottom in the holes. I have not tried them in a hard wood yet Nice box for storage to keep them sorted out. In my opinion these bits are a very good value.

Martin B
Good product. 6/24/2018

I haven't used them yet but it looks like I'll have to sharpen the cutting edges before i use them because there are a lot of nicks on the cutting edges. The bits are heavy duty and should do me well after I sharpen them. For the price i think they will perform well. I will add to my review at a later date.Thanks

Anonymous Reviewer

High Quality. Great selection in SIZES. Worked perfectly for drilling out inserts for clocks.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Thomas R
Good Product 4/13/2018

The bits look very good but I haven't used them yet.
I'm sure they will be excellent.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Dennis E

I have had occasion to go to this set of bits several times in the past month since its purchase. Several friends have also found a need to use some of these for their projects too.

Anonymous Reviewer

I don't use these bits day and day out, however; the bits are great and have been serving me well for over a year now. The case is a nice touch, it makes it easy to keep all the bits together and organize.

Kevin V
Excellent 12/8/2017

Really nice set - all the bits seem sharp and the ones I've tested cut nice and clean with a good smooth bottom. The box they come in is a nice way to keep them organized and from flopping around in a drawer. (It won't win any joinery contests but it does the job.) It's a great assortment of sizes too - nice to have that kind of flexibility for projects.

M.C. J

Ordered about 9 pm on Monday and received it in less than 36 hours!!

Anonymous Reviewer

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Dave C

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Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer
Seems good 6/14/2017

I haven't used these yet quality looks good hope to get to work soon

Patrick W
Cheap, temporary solution 6/6/2017

I purchased this to fill a need that I had - various sized, flat-bottomed holes in wood. Now that I have it - and it arrived damaged as the bits were shaken all over the inside of the case during shipping - I will shortly be replacing certain sizes of these bits with something of a higher quality. Specifically the 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" are all of very low quality and do not maintain their sharpness beyond a few uses in hardwood (even when using quite slow drilling speeds of ~500 rpm). If this is to be used once or twice, you might get by, otherwise consider getting a better single bit or saving up for a better set.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 2/1/2017

Great value for the money! Used a couple of the larger bits to drill 3/8" deep holes in Ash. Beautiful thing!

Robert P

It was a gift for son-in-law, haven't heard yet.

Anonymous Reviewer

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james C

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Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer
great value 1/26/2017

don't believe you can beat this set for the price

Anonymous Reviewer

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Douglas J
quality product 1/26/2017

These forstner bits are very sharp and leave clean rims.

Anonymous Reviewer

This was purchased as a Christmas gift and I love it. High quality product!!!!!

Good bits for the price 3/1/2016

I bought a few Chinese-made bits (CMT, Porter-Cable, Irwin) recently to complete a woodworking project. They ranged in price from $10 - $20 each and had to be deburred and sharpened before use. I wasn't happy about the extra work, but I lived with it because the only alternative were the expensive bits from Germany or Austria. This Steelex set is a bargain at $42 for 16 bits and the quality is as good as any other Chinese-made bit I tried. The wooden box is very nice. Yes, I did have to spend a little time with some files tuning each bit and honing the cutting edge. However, a $400 European set was not in my tool budget.

David P
Good Value 1/19/2016

While these are obviously not super-nice bits they get the job done. For someone building a shop (like me) this was a good starter set. The steel doesn't seem to be of great quality as they've corroded a bit and don't stay sharp for a long time. But they do sharpen up easily enough with a flat diamond paddle.

They ship with a sticky anti-corrosion coating on them so I'd recommend cleaning them off when you get them.

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