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Reduce work-related aches and pains by up to 50% with these closed-cell vinyl floor mats. These sure-grip ribbed foam mats insulate against heat and cold, while providing a 3/8" thick cushion. Beveled edges minimize tripping. Black.

Made in the U.S.A.


33 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Good floor mats 08/20/2020 3:57:56 PM

I purchased three of these mats for my shop to replace plywood that I was using. Since I have a bad knee standing on concrete floor for long periods of time really hurts. These mats I put in front of my three work tables and they are really comfortable to stand on. Being black they show all dust, trash, saw dust etc. But the clean easy with a broom or can be hosed off with water. They come rolled up in a box so after taking them out of the box i laid them in the sun for a bout 30 minutes and they uncurl fine. They are very flexible. They are also have tapered edges and not so thick that you tend to trip on them. Great product and price was very good compared to others I looked at on Amazon.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/10/2020 7:59:02 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
12/30/2019 3:25:35 PM

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Thomas J
07/10/2019 10:34:08 AM

Have wanted one of these for quite some time, finally invested in one. Very glad I did; my legs & back can't thank you enough.

Anonymous Reviewer
Comfy and smooth 05/10/2019 3:37:35 PM

Relieves foot & leg pain from long days at the shop. Tapered edges reduce the chance of tripping while the closed top surface doest catch liquids or sawdust. It arrives rolled up but an hour in the summer sun will flatten it right out.


Brian K
These were ok for the price. 01/16/2019 5:02:09 PM

3.5 stars I'd say. I got these on sale, price was ok but shipping was a bit much, each gets it's own shipping charge and comes in it's own box, unavoidable I guess. Anyway, they are not the same thickness or quality as the professional anti-fatigue mats we have at work, but again, that's fair enough at this price.

Ultimately I am happy with them, I put one in front of my lathe and one in front of my mill and I do feel that they offer a more pleasant standing experience.

One advantage is that they are not so thick as the professional ones, therfore less tall and less of a stumble-hazard. They are wider than the mats you can get at home stores that are aimed at putting in front of the kitchen sink.

Bottom line- if you are a professional business using these 24/7, get the real stuff and pay for it. If you are a light-duty user like me, only spending a few hours at most per week in front of your hobby machines, this is likely more than adequate.

Foy C
Comfortable 01/16/2019 4:04:52 PM

Comfortable mat. I like the size for the full length of my work bench. Bought on a special and is really good for the price

Charles C
Great Value 01/16/2019 11:53:34 AM

I picked up this item while it was on sale. After using the mat in my workshop, I cant believe I hadnt purchased one sooner. It really helps reduce fatigue during long periods of standing in front of my workbench.

Anonymous Reviewer
Can't believe the comfort level 12/02/2018 4:21:53 PM

Thought these would be too thin. I was wrong. No tripping, and the change in my 'back' comfort was dramatic.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/23/2018 11:23:58 AM

At first, I was skeptical whether this would work or not but with a few weeks experience I'm starting to believe it does. With a decrease in general overall pain from standing too long at workstations I've found it to be beneficial. I cannot attest to long term durability but, I'll simply replace it if it wears away because I like it that much.

Micheal A
01/29/2018 9:53:03 AM

Excellent product! Protects the feet, knees & legs & even tools & other items that may fall on it. Gives a better chance of avoiding damage when fallen on. I bought several for work & home, good size too! I couldn't be happier with this high quality product! And it's made in the U.S.A.!

Anonymous Reviewer
Better 01/17/2018 10:38:49 PM

Better than the plywood I was using. Would be better if it were wider.

Robert H
Works Really Well 12/08/2017 11:38:31 AM

Works very well and you can feel the difference standing on it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice Anti-fatigue Mat 07/19/2017 1:32:33 PM

This mat works very well as I use it in front of a workbench on a daily 8 hour shift. Great price on a quality item, and would recommend this to someone having to stand in the same area for long periods of time.

Ken S
Good Quality at a Reasonable price. 07/05/2017 10:59:36 PM

I'm so happy with it that I ordered more for both my workshop and the kitchen. Good quality as a reasonable price.

Anonymous Reviewer
Does exactly what it says on the label ! 07/02/2017 10:16:54 AM

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Dave G
06/30/2017 1:28:16 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Easy on the feet and easy to clean 06/29/2017 2:17:29 PM

I bought these for my workshop/laundry area where I had old carpet runners. These looked like crap and were not comfortable. These look 100% better and are pleasant to stand on. They also vacuum in a snap and don't move around under my feet. I will order another for my workbench area.

joe B
06/29/2017 1:13:32 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Be Kind to your feet and back 06/29/2017 12:27:37 PM

Standing on concrete is not helpful to anyone with a sore back or feet. I spotted these mats on sale and ordered them right away. The cushy mats help prevent the nagging pain from standing in one spot for long periods of time. Do your body a favor and get floor mats. These are heavy enough that they don't blow around and you can sweep them off easily.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Mats 06/25/2017 4:48:14 AM

Purchased 5 of these to lay around my work table, they work well . Well worth the price compared to other brands.

Douglas J
06/02/2017 12:08:31 PM

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Fred H
01/27/2017 12:22:31 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 9:21:29 PM

There are many other mats that are much easier on the legs, but the price on this may make it worth while for some locations.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great buy 01/26/2017 8:30:05 PM

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Benito H
Beautiful Mats 01/26/2017 5:51:15 PM

I love my Anti-Fatigue Mats. They are so soft and look great.

Anonymous Reviewer
EXCELLENT PRODUCT 01/26/2017 5:44:53 PM


Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 4:21:10 PM

Actually, we ought two items from Grizzly. The mats were well packaged and shipped promptly as well as the Grizzly tenoning jig that my son purchased for me for Christmas.
The jig was sent directly to me and was well packaged and arrived in a timely manner.

Anonymous Reviewer
Right size 01/26/2017 4:09:44 PM

I bought this to put in front of my bench to save tools falling to the floor. It's of good size and thickness to do the job.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 5:08:04 AM

I have one by my lathe, and it makes all the difference. So much so that I got one for the kitchen for when I do dishes. It is very good quality and heavy duty for sure.

Lynn J
You won't be disappointed with these. 01/26/2017 4:36:30 AM

I will buy more. Better than expected. Great Price.

Robert D
Foot relief!! 01/26/2017 4:19:30 AM

These mats are great! Not the interlocking ones from big box stores that trip you up. This large 2x5 foot matt is perfect for work stations, table saw areas, or grinders where you stand and Schindler your feet. No tripping and great cushion. I bought 3 and will be getting a few more soon

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 2:44:02 AM

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