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Item #: H8595
Model # 3810RK 131-1/2
Timber Wolf’s® exclusive use of low tensioned, high ductile Swedish silicon steel, unique geometric gullet designs and sets, advanced manufacturing processes and unsurpassed quality control has resulted in the production of the finest bandsaw blades in the world. Timber Wolf® mills the teeth of all their blades, as opposed to stamping them out. This process produces a blade that is at least 50% sharper out of the box. Timber Wolf® also uses induction hardening, which results in a blade that will conform to a band wheel using 30% less tension.


  • Length: 131-1/2"
  • Width: 3/8"
  • Type: Carbon Steel
  • TPI: 10 Raker
  • Gauge: 0.025"

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Gary V
10/25/2017 11:48:27 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Good saw, excellent resaw machine. 07/31/2017 6:09:56 PM

I'm very pleased with the saw, but my only experience with band saws up until now is a small Skill table top model. I've been using the machine mostly for re-sawing salvaged barn barn wood. With a minimum of tuning I can get very consistent slices down to veneer thicknesses with a quality 3/4 inch resaw blade. I also bought the resaw fence, which is solid and accurate, and the mobile base, which was a real PINTA to install. The bolts on the base interfere with the operation of the door on the saw. We had to raise the saw onto support blocks to make it work. The base is solid and well made, but it doesn't really fit this machine the way it should. Overall, however, I am well pleased with my purchase.

Daniel M
06/02/2017 1:16:50 AM

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