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A recessed ON button protects against accidental starting and a large OFF Magnetic paddle ensures fast shut off every time. Rated for 120V and 1/2 HP motors drawing up to 16 amps. Fits basic electrical boxes or can be surface mounted with two screws over a 7/8" wide x 1-7/8" tall cutout. Mounting screws not included.

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Anonymous Reviewer
Old Saw, New Switch. 08/01/2020 8:42:40 PM

I restored an old (built around 1963) Craftsman 9" Table Saw with a Jointer/Planer attachment. The original switch is on the motor on the back of the saw. Kind of gives you the screaming heebie-jeebies to reach over a spinning saw blade to shut the machine off. So, I added this Shop Fox paddle switch to the front of the machine. It's in a junction box mounted to a board. The price is very good considering this is a magnetic switch. If the power goes off, (Our local utility is run by the prince of darkness), the switch shuts off. When the power comes back on, the machine does not start up. This improvement add lots of safety to a 57 year-old machine. I will be adding this switch to other machines as well. Good quality and It looks cool too.

Anonymous Reviewer
Works well on my 23 year old band saw 04/15/2020 12:09:27 PM

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Dennis A
Great switch! Fits on an ordinary utility box. 07/30/2019 5:03:17 AM

I made a portable clamping device for my paddle switch so I can use it for various machines. Wiring instructions are clear and simple.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/26/2019 4:36:18 PM

No complaints from our Production Manager. We will buy this product again.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/11/2019 6:03:46 PM

I have used this product before and went back again so it has to be good.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/07/2018 1:38:42 PM

The switch works fine. I have never had a problem with your company.

Anonymous Reviewer
works great 10/26/2018 5:20:11 PM

Took a little work to get it to fit my saw but is much better than original switch I can find it without looking for it

gerald E
06/14/2018 9:34:50 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
works as advertised 04/25/2018 1:14:57 PM

good product; need double depth box to accommodate read tab electric connections.
Site easy to navigate.
will use Grizzly in the future

Anonymous Reviewer
03/14/2018 1:11:44 PM

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02/19/2018 1:30:14 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
D4160 switch 02/17/2018 3:07:10 PM

It was a replacement for one we bought a few years ago that failed. Worked well for quite some time.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/05/2018 12:03:18 PM

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Roger M
Great product 12/30/2017 8:00:16 PM

I purchased 3 of these for other machines in my shop and found one I had missed. These switches are great, I don't know why I didn't switch over to them a long time ago. They appear to be very good quality and the price is unbeatable. Will definitely buy more if needed.

Larry C
Works great! 09/19/2017 9:41:11 PM

My 120V radial arm saw had an On/Off toggle switch mounted on the front of the cabinet base -- easy to inadvertently turn on with my knee, difficult to quickly locate if needed -- an accident waiting to happen. Replaced the switch with this Grizzly 120V switch. It's not obvious in the switch description, but this switch is a magnetic switch, meaning that if you have a power failure while the switch is On then the switch will revert to the Off state so that your tool with not restart when power is restored. This is good! But, the switch needs a 120V neutral wire for the magnetic feature to work. You might find that your present switch box does not have a neutral wire, but just the line and load wires, so you'll need to run a neutral wire to the switch line-side neutral terminal. Doesn't need to be a large gauge wire, even 22 gauge will do. The switch instructions show passing the neutral wire through the switch. Do not do this! NEVER switch a neutral wire -- let me repeat -- NEVER switch a neutral wire. If your switch box does have a neutral wire then keep it intact and instead run a pigtail to the switch line-side neutral terminal. The switch terminals are 1/4" FASTON male, so you'll need 3 1/4" FASTON female connectors for the installation. Overall, an excellent product -- magnetic switch, recessed On button, large easy-to-locate Off paddle (even with knee), fits standard electric box, On button can be locked out with a small diameter shank padlock (though I won't use this feature).

George V
Just what I needed ! 08/26/2017 11:21:44 PM

We installed 4 of these switches to make them safer to use and the lockout feature safer to maintain.

lee B
Great Bargain 08/26/2017 1:44:26 PM

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Gene W
great buy it's been installed and working just fine. 01/26/2017 10:20:22 PM

I bought it awhile back but didn't put in on until last week. It's just great don't know why i waited so long to install.

The saw is a lot safer 01/26/2017 5:28:40 PM

I can now shut down the "noise" with my knee

David M
Safety Upgrade 01/26/2017 4:18:30 PM

My shop is a one man 24 X 26 escape.
I am able to shut down everything except lights when I leave. These safety switches are an inexpensive chance to increase my own safety on tools that I have owned for many years. I am very pleased with these upgrades.

Anonymous Reviewer
Can't beat the price 01/26/2017 2:01:40 PM

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James T
01/26/2017 4:07:49 AM

Worked well with my application. Very functional. Added safety to the operation of this machine. Underdash