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These 15" diameter 60 grit aluminum oxide sanding discs are sized to fit most common disc sanders and are sold in a 2 pk. These sanding discs are pre-applied with top-quality pressure sensitive adhesive.

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Anonymous Reviewer
Price could be better 09/30/2019 12:29:14 PM

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Jim H
02/18/2019 1:17:21 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
07/27/2018 11:47:39 AM

Bought the 15-inch Disk Sander and got to hook up this week for first use.
1. I was very unhappy with the way it was shipped. Box was all torn open and no pallet. Some damage and scuff marks but not enough to send back cause the would have been a real hassle.
2. Assembly was very simple and had no problem with that.
3. Did not want the 60-grit paper. I needed 30-grit and ordered it from McMaster-Carr that was a no brainer.
4. Getting the 60 grit paper off the machine was nothing but trouble. Suggestion would be to leave off the paper and let the customer put on what he wants. I'd still ship the 60-grit paper then the customer has to learn to put the paper on. To get the 60-grit paper off I'd had to use Laquer Thinner as I pulled it off the machine and that worked very well.
Better than the stupid heating gun or hair dryer. That method is a loser. Got the paper off and put on the 30-grit and this worked well.
5. Hooked up the 1.5 HP dust collector system I bought from you (Grizzly) and was not happy with the suction so sanding debris does not get all sucked down below the steel table. Also there was a lot of dust and debris to the left of me on the flood for the failure of the dust collector to do it's job. The dust collector port is located on the rt side and maybe you should have put this port on the left side for tis is the side that is sanded with due to the counterclockwise direction the disk runs.
I ended up going to the Hardware store and getting a Shop-Vac suction tool and rigged it up on the left side of the edge of the table and hooked up a Shop-Vac to tis tool and that sucked a lot of the debris into the vac and worked very well.
Looking underside it looks as if the sloping metal jacket up against the disk is too short of the underside of the table which means the suction is about an inch or so below the table and can't catch all the debris from above sanding operation.
I'll address that problem before I use it again and solve that problem.
6. The off/on switch is on the left side which is not good. There could be a problem with someone reaching around the disk turning it on and wrist and or arm possibly hitting the disk as it comes on because of the counter rotation of the disk drawing the arm down and having a bad accident. I would have put the switch over on the right side this way you don't have to reach over the disk to turn on.
Also as a safety measure you have to be carful that when you turn on the sander that the disk does not fly off and slice your wrist in half. Potential problem? Another reason to put the switch on the right side.

OK despite all the above the machine works very well, lots of HP and won't stull out. I'm very happy with the machine and would recommend it to anyone. I'd still point out the above items.

I'll get the above problems worked out and I will have a great machine. Maybe I should reverse the direction of the motor and go Clockwise then I'd solve a lot of the above problems.


Mark Mihalyi 412-221-2662

I'm looking at getting a Mill/Drill machine and there are so many to choose from it is a bit confusing. Could you have someone call me to go over the various models?

Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 1:25:44 AM

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