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We carry hose diameters for many different applications. Our amazing new hose retracts to 1/3 its full length, with increased puncture resistance and superior performance. No longer will you need to deal with, or navigate around, excess hose. Uses LH fittings.

  • Size: 4" x 10'
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    28 Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Good product 09/04/2019 2:07:48 PM

    I like the fact that it collapses when not in use but does a good job when needed.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/14/2019 11:39:48 AM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/08/2019 1:16:19 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    02/07/2019 2:15:14 PM

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    Excellent 01/03/2019 1:42:43 PM

    I bought two of these... one to connect to my belt sander and the other to interchange between my lathe and band saw. I have only used one of them at this point, but it does it's job well. moving it back and forth between the band saw and lathe takes little effort as it is very flexible and seems to stay where I put it.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great product 12/13/2018 11:40:46 PM

    We not first time order this product, because trust so we will always following you ! Thank you!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    10/29/2018 12:32:35 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    09/14/2018 5:51:44 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/02/2018 4:31:14 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/28/2018 6:45:28 PM

    Perfect for a small run from dust collector to router table

    Anonymous Reviewer
    4 x 10' hose 01/17/2018 1:31:50 PM

    I have bought this product several times while upgrading my shop. Great hose and the best price out there.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Exactly as advertised. 01/15/2018 12:37:25 PM

    Needed to extend table saw dust collection. This did just that.

    01/14/2018 1:42:17 PM

    Fine quality product, shipped quickly and works perfectly in my application.

    Eric H
    12/10/2017 12:03:57 AM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    11/12/2017 1:45:35 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    11/02/2017 5:34:19 PM

    Should have gone for the better hose as this one does not expand well and also does not hold its shape, otherwise everything else worked fine.


    David P
    10/27/2017 1:39:36 PM

    It's hard to say anything really meaningful about a 4" dust collector hose except that it really is four inches in diameter, fits my bandsaw and dust collector and doesn't leak. So, yeah. If you need a dust collector hose, this thing really works.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    09/09/2017 12:49:12 PM

    This hose is very useful for spot clean up and the portable equipment that you don't always have connected to the dust collector. I like how the the hose is 10' to reach across the Shop when need but is only about 3'when not in use

    Tom S
    08/27/2017 2:01:44 AM

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    Larry S
    These are OK. 07/20/2017 12:08:53 PM

    These hoses are all plastic. There is no metal reinforcement in the ribs. They work OK but will collapse back down to the size they were when packed in the boxes as soon as tension is released. One place this is an advantage is on the CNC router. The short run from the dust boot to the mount works well with this feature. As the Z movement raises up the hose collapses and stays out of the way.

    Blane W
    Seems well made. 06/02/2017 12:50:07 PM

    It's a little stiff, but that is better than too flimsy.

    James S
    06/02/2017 1:04:08 AM

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    Great product. 06/01/2017 9:25:48 PM

    I connected this hose to my vacuum and it works as expected.

    Siegfried W
    05/24/2017 3:00:11 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/26/2017 11:10:57 PM

    All of your products are of excellent quality and the prices are very reasonable.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Sounds great. 01/26/2017 4:01:01 PM

    I use this on my Grizzly lathe. and the only problem is that it wants to stay compressed. For some this might be an advantage. But the quality is good.

    John B
    01/26/2017 1:07:10 AM

    No feedback given

    John C
    Good hose 01/25/2017 10:36:17 PM

    This hose performs like every order from grizzly. Very well