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This knife-setting system lets you set planer knives in perfect alignment every time! It also allows you to shift nicked knives on 2-1/2" to 4" diameter cutterheads to get a perfect cut to an accuracy of + or - .002".
When buying planer pals, follow this simple guideline: 15" to 20" Planers - use 2 jigs.
Over 20" Planers - use 3 jigs.

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Anonymous Reviewer
10/31/2018 11:08:03 AM

I purchase these and thought they were a little expensive but they made my job easier and I do recommend these.

Jeff H
Great tool! 10/01/2018 12:30:36 AM

This tool makes setting the blades so much easier.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/13/2018 4:53:27 PM

The blades and jigs for installing them were exactly what I needed. It took o I have never had a bad experience with Grizzly.nly a few minutes to install the blades and get back to working on my project. I have never had a negative experience with Grizzly. Thank you Grizzly

Stanley D. Griffis, Ph.D.

Anonymous Reviewer
time saver 06/28/2018 5:31:58 PM

These are great on my 16" Powermatic planer that is 50 years old. They are almost too small, but work fine. Easy and repeatable.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/20/2018 1:21:27 AM

these were very easy to use and made installing new blades a breeze.

Easy and accurate! 02/11/2018 4:06:34 PM

Easiest and most accurate way to change the knives in my 20" Grizzly Planer.

Roger R
Best and quickest way to replace knives. Just set and go. 02/01/2018 12:36:01 PM

Follow set up instruction and accuracy of knives installation is as good as it can get.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/26/2017 5:47:14 PM

No feedback given