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Increase your shaper's versatility with our rub collars!

If you do any kind of irregular shaping, these rub collars are a must! Rub collars are used for shaping curved work such as cathedral doors as well as many custom shapes. They are also used for limiting the depth of cut (same principal as router bits with guide bearings). Use them below, in between, or above cutters.

Our rub collars feature high-quality shielded ball bearings.


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Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 3:22:45 PM

Poorly made. The bushing that is press onto the bearing is not concentric to the bearing. We are talking as much as 0.010". I returned the item to my local Grizzly store and got another one. The same issue again so I just mounted it in my metal lathe and turned the outer surface. Now I can use it on my shaper.